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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Baby Info: Poo = Popcorn

I'm kicking off with a new series of fun baby info, mainly to record my crazy encounters.  The information given may only apply to my baby, but it is still entertaining.  Enjoy!  :)

Baby E is ready for his diaper change

Fun Baby Info #1:
Baby poo smells like popcorn!!  I know this applies to breastfed babies, and I wonder if formula fed babies also have popcorn poo.  No worries.  The poo does not actually resemble popcorn, just the smell.  I read it on a blog one day and didn't think my baby had popcorn smelling poo.  Then a few days later, the smell hit me.  Yup, that was popcorn all right.  I mentioned it to H later that week, and he started to notice it too. Muahaha!  I convinced my husband to start smelling our son's poo.  Score!


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