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Sunday, June 5, 2011

6 Week Postpartum Checkup

Entry written on Thursday, June 2nd...

It's 3:00 AM, and I'm in the nursery blogging.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  Shouldn't I be sleeping?  When the baby sleeps, I should be sleeping too. Well it doesn't always work out that way.  I heard him whimper at 2:00 AM and woke up to check up on him.  He was squirming around and looked like he was ready to wake up.  I got his bottle ready, took off his blanket, and even had time to go to the bathroom.  Then I sat there and waited for him to wake up.  No go.  Okay I'll just wait longer.  I'll even clean his bottles.  He had to wake up anytime now, right?  Maybe I can sneak in a pump session too.  I go ahead and do that.  The whole time I'm waiting to hear him cry.  Nothing.  Hmm... I guess I'll continue to wait...

Yesterday I had my 6 week postpartum check up.  It was very weird going back to the doctor's office and not walk in the door pregnant for the first time.  The office felt so familiar yet foreign.  I followed the usual routine -- weigh in at the scale, pee in a cup, check my blood pressure, and wait for the doctor in the room.  I felt a bit lonely.  Oh yeah.. my little Ninja wasn't with me.  :(

The last time I stepped on the scale, I weighed 121 lbs (overall pregnancy weight gain of 12 lbs).  This time I stepped on the scale, and it read 108 lbs.  I am back to my post-pregnancy weight minus a pound.  Good.  Don't let the number fool you though.  My stomach still hasn't bounced back to its original shape, but I'm slowly getting there.

I was given a prescription for birth control.  Umm... yeah this is the first for me.  Call me crazy, but I'm not a fan of drug intervention (says the girl who had an epidural and a ton of insulin shots in labor).  I plan to take it after I finish providing Baby E with breast milk since my milk supply isn't super high.  Birth control can lower my supply even more.  Boo.

Now I have to go in for my 2 hour glucose test to see if my diabetes has gone away.  I sure hope so.  If not, I'm okay with that too.  I don't have much control over how my body processes sugars.  :(

Postpartum depression.  I don't think I have it.  I had what they call the "baby blues" for the first two weeks, but that has since gone away.  There are days when I feel completely defeated, but that's due to my status as a stay at home mother.  I take care of him with the help of H, but I do it alone a majority of the week.  You would break down every now and then too.  I really thought I would get postpartum depression because of my history.  I admit I used to be depressed when I was a teenager.  I had issues.  Please don't judge me.

That's my status.


Emily Z said...

Re: the birth control, breast feeding itself is usually a pretty good birth control method all on its own, at least for the first six months. Not 100%, but nothing is.

DFig said...

I'm up and pumping/feeding so I am reading back posts on your blog (I commented on another post yesterday and mentioned I found your blog via google).

I think we may be mommy twins. Seriously---Just had my 6 week checkup on Friday, doctor pushed me for birth control choice and I just took whatever pill he was offering because I know I won't be taking it. I have a LOW supply (which is due to my baby being a lazy feeder which required supplementing with formula or pumped breast milk...but we didn't get a routine early enough and BAM supply sunk! trying to pump and build up now! hence being up at 3am!!).

Thanks for having a blog that is so relatable and entertaining for my overnight pumps :)

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