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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why My Kid is Awesome: Reason #123

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Isn't he adorable?  He smiles in his sleep!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Baby Info: Poo = Popcorn

I'm kicking off with a new series of fun baby info, mainly to record my crazy encounters.  The information given may only apply to my baby, but it is still entertaining.  Enjoy!  :)

Baby E is ready for his diaper change

Fun Baby Info #1:
Baby poo smells like popcorn!!  I know this applies to breastfed babies, and I wonder if formula fed babies also have popcorn poo.  No worries.  The poo does not actually resemble popcorn, just the smell.  I read it on a blog one day and didn't think my baby had popcorn smelling poo.  Then a few days later, the smell hit me.  Yup, that was popcorn all right.  I mentioned it to H later that week, and he started to notice it too. Muahaha!  I convinced my husband to start smelling our son's poo.  Score!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Internet is Back!

I went without Internet access from Saturday night through Tuesday morning.  Oh no!  Actually it wasn't that bad.  I thought it would be much worse because I rely on the Internet to maintain my sanity.  It's there with me during Baby E's night time feedings.  It's my pumping companion, reducing the stress of constantly checking out how much milk I've pumped.  During the few moments of quiet time, I turn to the Internet to wind down.  So when the storm killed our modem, I was a bit sad.  H could have made a trip to the nearest electronic store to purchase a new modem, but that's not how he swings.  He likes to buy online, and that means I have to be patient.

Thank you Amazon Prime for saving the day!  The modem came in on Tuesday, and I was quick to hook that baby up.  I didn't even read the instructions and went straight to the source.  Since the new modem is an updated version of the old, I just went ahead and plugged everything in using the old stuff.  Hmm... it didn't power on.  My super duper problem solving abilities determined that the charger was dead.  Our old modem was perfectly fine.  Woot!  Now I can go ahead and save about $90 and return the new modem.

Yay for having Internet again!  Is it odd how addicted to Internet our society has become in the last 10 years?  I remember the days of AOL dial up, which I could only use during off hours when the restaurant was closed.  I used to sneak in a few minutes at night when my parents weren't looking.  I eventually advanced to DSL during my college years.  Without the Internet, my relationship with H would be so different. Would he have tried to "poke" me in real life instead of on Facebook?  Haha.  

Then I think back on the social networking of yesteryear.  Everyone was on AIM or MSN Messenger.  I would have multiple chats up on the screen with the occasional chat room amongst friends.  My main purpose for surfing the Internet was to be connected to AIM.  As I got older, I distanced myself from instant messaging.  I no longer connected with friends through chat online.  Instead it has been replaced with Facebook and Twitter.  It feels less personal, but at the same time I learn so much more through the news feed.  No worries.  I stay in contact with my friends in real life, and I don't depend on the Internet as my only source to contact them. 

So this entry went from my lack of Internet for a few days to going back in the past. My thoughts are so scattered these days.  My lack of sleep must be getting to me.  Oye.

Yeah.. I'm back!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's 3:00 AM...

I'm awake again.  It's 3:00 AM.  I don't find time for myself during the day, and I have to sacrifice sleep in order to sneak in some "me" time.  While it is pretty pathetic, I do need that time to myself.  I need time to think freely. I need time to refuel.  I need more time.  I need time to blog.  I need time to vent.  It's my therapy, and I haven't had much of it lately.  It's part of my ability to function normally.  Without it, I feel lost.  I feel like a part of me is missing.  I have been blogging for 8 years.  Blogging has become part of my life.

I know I need more time to myself.  Taking care of an infant is no easy task.  My kid likes to eat every 2 hours (that's the time between the start of one feeding and the beginning of the next).  If he naps, it's only for a short period of time, and I spend most of it pumping and cleaning bottles.  That means I have no time to myself.  I don't even have the time to clean.  When H comes home from work, I end up cleaning while he takes care of Baby E.  I never have time to take a break.

So I suggested to H that I should have an hour to myself every other day.  Honestly, I want an hour to myself everyday, but I felt selfish to even say that out loud.  I would probably spend half of it showering and the other half in my craft room blogging.  Well I suggested that over 2 weeks ago, and I still haven't had my scheduled hour to myself. Ha.  I don't think it's ever going to happen.

So here I am at 3:00 AM blogging instead of sleeping.  I know I will beat myself over this stupid decision later.  Oh well.  I have to feel alive, and I feel pretty alive when I'm blogging.

P.S. I'm sick for the first time in the past 2 years, and I really could use the sleep.  Oh well.

6 Week Postpartum Checkup

Entry written on Thursday, June 2nd...

It's 3:00 AM, and I'm in the nursery blogging.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  Shouldn't I be sleeping?  When the baby sleeps, I should be sleeping too. Well it doesn't always work out that way.  I heard him whimper at 2:00 AM and woke up to check up on him.  He was squirming around and looked like he was ready to wake up.  I got his bottle ready, took off his blanket, and even had time to go to the bathroom.  Then I sat there and waited for him to wake up.  No go.  Okay I'll just wait longer.  I'll even clean his bottles.  He had to wake up anytime now, right?  Maybe I can sneak in a pump session too.  I go ahead and do that.  The whole time I'm waiting to hear him cry.  Nothing.  Hmm... I guess I'll continue to wait...

Yesterday I had my 6 week postpartum check up.  It was very weird going back to the doctor's office and not walk in the door pregnant for the first time.  The office felt so familiar yet foreign.  I followed the usual routine -- weigh in at the scale, pee in a cup, check my blood pressure, and wait for the doctor in the room.  I felt a bit lonely.  Oh yeah.. my little Ninja wasn't with me.  :(

The last time I stepped on the scale, I weighed 121 lbs (overall pregnancy weight gain of 12 lbs).  This time I stepped on the scale, and it read 108 lbs.  I am back to my post-pregnancy weight minus a pound.  Good.  Don't let the number fool you though.  My stomach still hasn't bounced back to its original shape, but I'm slowly getting there.

I was given a prescription for birth control.  Umm... yeah this is the first for me.  Call me crazy, but I'm not a fan of drug intervention (says the girl who had an epidural and a ton of insulin shots in labor).  I plan to take it after I finish providing Baby E with breast milk since my milk supply isn't super high.  Birth control can lower my supply even more.  Boo.

Now I have to go in for my 2 hour glucose test to see if my diabetes has gone away.  I sure hope so.  If not, I'm okay with that too.  I don't have much control over how my body processes sugars.  :(

Postpartum depression.  I don't think I have it.  I had what they call the "baby blues" for the first two weeks, but that has since gone away.  There are days when I feel completely defeated, but that's due to my status as a stay at home mother.  I take care of him with the help of H, but I do it alone a majority of the week.  You would break down every now and then too.  I really thought I would get postpartum depression because of my history.  I admit I used to be depressed when I was a teenager.  I had issues.  Please don't judge me.

That's my status.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Today marks my very first wedding anniversary with the hubby!  Cheers to one year and many more to come!  Yay!