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Monday, May 23, 2011

Staying Home with Baby

Entry written on Friday, April 29th...

Being a stay at home mother is no easy job, and this past week has been challenging for me.  H went back to work last Monday, and I was left by myself to take care of a newborn.  Dun, dun, dun!

I wish I could say I spent the first week on bed rest trying to recover from labor, but I'm stubborn.  Instead I used all my strength to get myself back in shape by resuming my life as if nothing had happened.  Sure, I was in pain getting in and out of bed. Going up and down the stairs was no easy task, but that's what the two railings are for... duh!  Basically, I didn't care what anyone had to say.  I wanted... no, I needed to get better.

H and I decided that we wouldn't need any help.  Crazy, right?  We spent the first week with a newborn by ourselves, and it was a learning process for us.  Looking back on it, I'm glad that we did it on our own.  There was no one to tell us that we were doing it the wrong way.  There was no one around to judge us.  I was already tired of hearing everyone's advice and words of wisdom, and I just wanted us to learn how to care for a newborn on our own.  We did just that, and we worked together as a team.  It was a tiresome and a super long week, but we survived and did a pretty good job too.

Then he went back to work, and I was left with the baby all to myself.  I didn't feel like I was prepared.  Even though I was getting back in shape, I didn't have the full strength to take care of the baby the first week.  I had just changed his diaper for the first time only a few days before.  I was a nervous wreck, but I had to face the challenge.  On Sunday night I let H sleep through the night for the first time since I went into labor.  I took night duty, and boy was it tough.  The little guy did not want to fall back asleep, and I felt defeated.  The sleep deprivation on my end only made it worse.  Oye.

Luckily, the story gets better.  Each day I built up the experience and confidence I needed to care for my baby.  Yes, it was extremely difficult in the beginning.  I broke down at times and was on the verge of calling for help.  I'm just fortunate that Baby Ninja is a good baby.  He is predictable and very well behaved.  His needs are very basic -- food, diaper changes, and sleep.  Ninja's schedule has already been flipped around, and he can sleep through the night (waking up for his food and then going right back to sleep).  This made it a lot easier on me.  Before I knew it, the week was over, and the weekend was finally here.  I made it.  Phew.

One week down...


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