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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pregnant & Sick

This weekend was not fun for the Ninja and me.  I used to be a warmer than average human being because I have a bun in the oven.  Lately that has not been the case for me, and I have been super cold.  At first I thought that I just lost that hot flash symptom of the 2nd trimester.  Then it got worse, and I was shivering when people were wearing shorts with a tshirt yesterday.  I was wearing my winter coat and hat.  Oye.

Also I've been slacking in the walking department.  I get tired so easily, and it's really unlike me.  I do understand that my pregnancy has a ton of stages, and I'm just reaching the one where my body just wants to rest.  Usually my body takes a drastic change (usually my tummy grows super big), and I have a few days to adjust before I'm normal again.  I was expecting the same to happen this time.  Not so much.

Yesterday after enjoying the nice weather outside (in my winter coat), I came home freezing and tired.  I went under the blanket and took a nap.  During my nap, I would still shiver, and that's not a good sign.  I started to get a fever, and my body was in super swelling mode (normal for 3rd trimester).  I had no appetite and only wanted to drink a hot cup of tea to warm up my body.  Well there is no doubt that my body got warm because I started to get super hot and sweaty by the time I was ready to fall asleep again.  For a good hour I was in bed extremely uncomfortable and sweating my fever away.  My usual thirsty self wasn't in the mood for water, but I still woke up every hour to make my bathroom visits as usual.

Luckily the sweating helped.  I woke up this morning feeling ten times better, and I'm glad that my body was able to recover.  I would have called the doctor this morning if I still felt as miserable.  I am super fortunate that this was my first run in with a fever or any illness during the pregnancy, and my body fixed itself.  Today my goal is to take it easy, but I'm finding that extremely difficult.  I can't help but to reorganize the kitchen and put stuff away.  I am trying my very best to control myself and just relax.

H was a super trooper and tended to all my needs.  He was ready to bring me to the hospital and even scared that I might be going into early labor (I also experienced some early labor warning signs).  I would have been a mess if he wasn't there to take care of me.  Thanks, hubby!

Thanks little Ninja for staying safe inside.  Stay in there a little longer, okay?  Thanks!


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