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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Infamous "Go Bag"

I remember watching Father of the Bride, Part II when I was a kid.  There's the scene where Annie thinks she is ready to go to the hospital, and her dad freaks out.  The first thing she grabs is her go bag for the hospital while her dad is trying to determine the fastest route to the hospital at that hour.

Then there's the scene from I Love Lucy.  Ricky, Fred, and Ethel rehearse their roles in preparation for Lucy going into labor.  They are super calm, and the practice runs are perfect.  By the time Lucy comes out and tells them that she's ready, everyone is frantically trying to remember their roles.  The go bag is a mess, and someone accidentally puts the phone in there while packing it up for the hospital.

I Love Lucy - "Lucy Goes to the Hospital"

I'm considered full term at 37 weeks, and I don't have my go bag ready.  Am I insane? Maybe.  I have very little motivation to pack up stuff for the hospital.  I'm not exactly sure why because it would probably take me all of 15 minutes to get it in a pile.  Maybe I'm procrastinating because I know I'm not ready to go into labor any time soon.  

Then you have the hubby.  H is so concerned about not having the proper bag, and he is focusing his energy on purchasing one.  I'm just fine with using my ladybug suitcase.  :)

Samsonite Sammies Collection - Ladybug

So what happens if I don't have my go bag ready, and the Ninja is ready to come out? I just head straight to the hospital.  What do I need from that bag that can really prepare me for labor?  Sure, there are comfort items that I can bring like my pillow and a pair of socks to keep me warm.  Maybe a pair of slippers would help too.  I don't consider these things to be essentials.

I would like to have a change of clothing for myself and the baby, but it's not urgent to have that right away.  I need to give birth to the kid first and stay in the hospital for a day or two.  I already know exactly which outfit I would like him to come home in, and I'm debating on what to bring for myself.  Will I look 6 months pregnant after I give birth?  I'll probably stick with my maternity clothes.

Probably the biggest concern for me would be having food for the hubby packed up and ready.  I'll be screaming in pain and asking for ice chips for hours.  He'll have to deal with pregnant, going into labor Yin.  He needs food for energy to keep up with the craziness that I'm sure will be going on in the hospital room.  I made sure to buy extra yummy snacks from Trader Joe's this weekend for the go bag.  If it doesn't get packed, then I'm sure one of our awesome friends would make a food run for my hubby.  He might actually prefer fast food to all natural/organic snacks.

Having said all of that, I really should pack the go bag.  I have no motivation, but I should do it just to do it.  Maybe writing this entry is the push I need because now the Internet is going to hold me accountable.  While I'm at it, I should really read more baby books too.  Yeah that probably won't happen.  One thing at a time.


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