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Friday, April 8, 2011

Diabetes Woes -- Not Totally Defeated

I went for my weekly visit to check out the little Ninja on the ultrasound.  Everything looked great, and I even got to see a non-creepy picture of his profile this time around. My doctor said that my glucose scores have been good for the past 3 weeks, and I would not need to return for my visit next week.  Woot!  I'll be back in two weeks to get a full ultrasound, and at that point I'll see how much Ninja weighs.  Last weigh in was at 4lbs 12oz, which was about 2 weeks ago.  All the baby weekly updates say that he should be around 6lbs right now.  Woah, baby!

Baby Ninja, 36 Weeks
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Honestly, I was ready for her to tell me it's time to take the medication again.  I have noticed that it is getting more difficult to control my scores.  I can eat a very healthy, high protein dinner, and my scores aren't as low as a few weeks ago.  My fasting scores are all over the place, and it's hard to predict.  I occasionally wait longer, thinking that my score might be a tad lower.  Nope.  The amount of carbs I eat for my after dinner snack don't affect it either.  At first I it did, but now it doesn't.  I would take it easy and try to eat dessert earlier in the day if I really wanted something sweet.  It had no effect on my fasting score.  I only had 2 slightly higher readings this past week, but I saw a pattern of my inability to have full control.

Because I saw a pattern, I accepted that medication could be an option for me. Luckily the doctor said that diet has been working.  I'll just continue eating the same way, and I should be fine.  No worries.  I am still in control and my scores are still within range. So I'll be okay for the remainder of my pregnancy.

After being on my diet for the past 2 months, I have lost 2lbs.  I can't seem to gain it back, and my total weight gain for my pregnancy is only 17lbs.  I have a feeling I might not reach 20lbs.  Keep in mind that women of my size should gain 25-35lbs.  It probably wouldn't hurt me to gain around 30lbs.  No worries from my doctor though. It's normal to lose or gain very little weight after changing to a diabetic diet.  There is no harm to the Ninja.  If anything, it's better for me because I have less weight to lose after the pregnancy.  Oh and I'm still within the healthy BMI for someone of my height and current weight.  Oye.

I only have a couple of weeks left, and Ninja will make his arrival.  Well I can't predict when he'll be making his appearance, but I do know that this diet will be over soon. Diabetes will no longer take over my life, and I can worry about more important things -- like being a mother and taking care of an infant.


Emily Z said...

When my mom was preggers with me, her doctor told her that anything over 21 lbs was hers to lose.

So consider yourself (kind of?) lucky. :)

Just a few more weeks, and all the bread you want!

Yin said...

@EmilyZ: Yay! I can happily deal with that kind of luck. Mmmm.. tasty bread.

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