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Friday, March 25, 2011

Preggorz - Week 34

Today is technically my 35th week, but I will go back in  time and recap last week for you guys.  I did make sure to have H take this picture two nights ago on the last day of my 34th week.  Time sure does fly, and I'm not exactly happy about that.  Please give me more time!!  I'm not ready for a baby!

big belly at week 34

compared to slightly smaller version of big belly at week 31

I've had quite a few ups and downs this past week, and we'll start with the not so great part of pregnancy.  Diabetes.  Yes, I cannot stop talking about it.  Those stupid glucose scores pretty much consume my life.  Argh.  I decided that Asian food does not work with my diet at all.  No more noodles and rice ever again!  I didn't eat much of it, and my scores were sky rocket high.  Lesson learned.  Too bad the doctor never let me explain how my diet affected my higher scores.  Boo!

Then there is the increased trips to the bathroom.  Ninja is upside down, and he is probably waiting to come out.  Well his head bounces up and down every single time I take a step.  What does that mean?  I have turned into a peeing machine!  I don't mind so much at home, but it's a major bummer when I'm in public.  One of my biggest fears is losing my bladder control and peeing in the middle of aisle 3.  Oye.  To prevent that from happening, I never take any chances and visit every single bathroom I pass.  I try to make a game out of it and see how many times I use the bathroom in a single location.  Also my nightly bathroom trips are hovering around 5-6 times a night.  Oddly enough, I don't mind so much.  I wake up, visit the bathroom, and fall right back to sleep.  I would like to think this is my body preparing for baby in the early weeks of feedings every 2 hours.

I have reached the point in my pregnancy where I am in panic mode, and I worry about every single little detail.  Can you blame me?  There is just so much to do and never enough time.  Procrastination worked fine in school, but how can I make it work right now with a Ninja in my belly?  No worries.  I constantly make lists of things that I need to do.  Some days I feel somewhat accomplished, and then there are other days when I feel like I didn't do enough.  Yesterday I spent over an hour researching the cheapest price for Seventh Generation newborn diapers (the BumGenius one size fits all does not fit newborns).  I calculate and recalculate so many times to see if I'm getting the best deal.  This is all to save a few bucks.  I'm sure most people do not obsess over prices like I do.

On to the good stuff!  My sisters threw me Ninja and me an awesome baby shower, and we are so super duper loved.  The best part was really being surrounded by such amazing family and friends.  I wish I could have a party every single day.  I don't need to be the center of attention or receive any gifts.  I just want to spend time with my friends.

Liz and Brippy!!

On the days when the sun decides to come out, I get really happy.  Maybe it's a mixture of  the pregnancy hormones, but it really does pick up my mood quite a bit.  It's even better when we're experiencing spring like weather, but I also don't mind having a little cold mixed in.  Just give me some sun to keep me warm.  The wind can also go away.  :)

With only a few weeks remaining before Ninja's arrival, I'm spending a lot of time with my husband.  We're trying to fit in the last minute dinner dates and shopping adventures before we officially become parents.  I've been the passenger in Delilah more times now than ever before.  This is our last chance to be crazy, wild adults.  :)

Farewell week 34.  Hello week 35.  I only have 5 more weeks until my due date, and the little one can come out whenever he is ready.  I doubt that will coincide with when I am ready.  Oye.  Please make time super sluggish slow. 

This picture did not make the final side by side comparison cut.  Hehe.


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