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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Preggorz - Week 31

Welcome to the 31st week of my pregnancy.  I am getting bigger than ever, and there is no doubt there is a baby inside me.  Take a look!

woah momma!

Compare this to pregnant Yin three weeks ago...

smaller version of week 31

My stomach is sticking out more now than ever.  Take a look at how the shirt drapes over my stomach in  the two photos.  More material is being used to cover up the tummy with less leftover to drape nicely over.  Sadness.  Bigger stomach also means the constant need for my body to adjust to the extra weight in the mid section.  Usually it will only take a day or two to adjust, and I'll be back to normal.  This week I haven't been so lucky.  I have probably started to waddle, and my back pains are coming back.  Boo.

I haven't complained about my gestational diabetes in a record breaking 7 days.  Does that mean life is full of pretty rainbows and butterflies?  Not so much.  I still get pretty upset at the lack of food I can eat.  I'm supposed to be eating guilt free while pregnant after all, and that is not the case with my diabetes.  There are days when I feel like I'm eating like a healthy person -- protein with lots of fruits (sneak them in during "snack" time) and veggies.  Then there are other days when I feel like I'm on the Atkin's diet and hating every minute of it.  Everyone will want to beat me up for saying that I have a high metabolism, but it is true.  I can eat like a full grown adult male and not gain a pound.  Holidays?  Buffets?  Bring it on!  So being on a diet is completely foreign to me, and I hate restrictions.  Boo.

I went to visit the doctor yesterday, and I have lost 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks.  Eeks!  She sounded kind of concerned, and I tried to tie it to my new diet.  Oh well.  I guess it is true.  A low carb, protein filled diet really can make one lose weight.  My total pregnancy weight gain is now 17 lbs, which isn't too shabby.  I would like to gain a total of 25 lbs, but that's if I'm lucky.  I still have 10 more weeks to go.  Baby Ninja is also 3 lbs, and he probably has another 3-4 lbs to gain before he makes his appearance.  My goal in the next 2 weeks is to gain back those 2 lbs that I lost in the previous 2 weeks.  We'll see what happens.

I still have not experienced the famous Braxton Hicks contractions, and it makes me a little sad.  My doctor said that some women never feel them, and that might just be the case with me.  I don't want my first run in with contractions to be the very day that I am ready to go into labor.  That just sounds scary to me.  I need some practice runs.  Although I can't feel them, my uterus is indeed contracting.  Maybe I'm confusing the tightening feeling with Ninja's movements?  Nah.

tummy, up close and personal

While I've been kind of documenting my baby bump (off and on), I feel bad that I haven't been documenting my pregnancy in photo form.  I have a feeling that I will be regretting this in the upcoming months.  I just hope that H and I do a better job taking pictures of our little Ninja.  We would be bad parents if we neglect to photograph him.

Preggorz Yin at 31 Weeks


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