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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair Transformation

I finally got fed up with my super long hair, and I scheduled an appointment for a haircut.  It's a shame, but the last time I cut my hair was almost a year ago for the wedding.  Taking prenatal vitamins only makes my hair grow longer and stronger.  Oye.  It's not a good combination, especially when it gets in the way while sleeping in my boat every night.  Good thing I am very open to drastic haircuts.

So there is this stylist that every single one of my sisters go to, and it's pretty sad how much we love her.  It started out years ago, over a decade.  Sometimes one of us would go elsewhere because she is rather pricey, and we're not all made out of money.  Well we always come running back because there is no other person who can even compare.  I have been the only one who is too cheap to go to her regularly.  No worries.  I have returned!  By the way, I said the same thing last year too, and I returned a year later.  Haha.

Ready for the reveal?

I am loving the shorter hair!!  I feel like a new woman.  Would that be the new look for a new mom?  Haha.  At least I look a tad older, right?

Oh do you want to see the disastrous before photo?  Yeah I am ashamed it took me this long to cut it.


Emily Z said...

Love the hair!

Query - the medication your doctors wanted you on...was it just insulin? If so, my boss (whose daughter is a Type I diabetic) says that there are zero side effects, so don't be too worried if you eventually DO have to use it.

But sounds like you're doing great on your own!

Yin said...

@EmilyZ: My doctor originally wanted to prescribe me a low dosage of Glyburide, which is safe for pregnancy. Insulin used to be the only medication allowed for gestational diabetes, but there are more options now. Thanks!

animeniac206 said...

Your new hair cut looks great!

Yin said...

@animeniac206: Thanks! It was a much needed haircut. :)

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