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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eating at Home - Update!

Since some of you guys gave some wonderful suggestions on how to eat at home, I wanted to report back that we have been doing pretty well in this household.  It did take us a while to get there, but we started to plan our weekly meals again.  I no longer wait for H to come home and try to put together some crazy meal.  Instead we plan over the weekend and buy groceries accordingly.

Because I'm super awesome, I even made a freezer inventory list that I go to pretty often.  Sometimes you just forget what is in there, and it pains me to forget about all that yummy food.  This week we made a good effort to plan our meals around freezer items.  We also try not to buy any additional freezer items to free up some space.  I figured we would need that space once the baby arrives.  No, we're not going to put the baby in the freezer!  We'll be cooking and freezing meals for our own convenience.  There will be no time to cook with a baby around.

created by yours truly in Excel

H had a great idea to put a chalkboard up in our kitchen so that we can write down our meals for the week.  The hardest part was finding a chalkboard!  You can find dry erase board and cork boards, but no one carries chalkboards anymore.  We did have the option of painting our walls with chalkboard paint, but that just sounds like too much work.  Luckily, we did find one on our crazy trip to a new Ikea two weeks ago.  Now it has a home in our kitchen, and H loves looking at the board.  I'll have to jazz it up with some washi tape (Japanese masking tape made of rice paper) and some colorful chalk.  :)

It is perfect for our menu, a picture of a ninja turtle, mail, and keys.

We also have a lot of motivation to keep up with our meals.  My sister is staying with us for the duration of my parent's annual trip back to China and Hong Kong (about 1.5 months).  It's really difficult to make another person have to suffer due to our inability to cook at home.  Plus we have to keep her healthy too.  I can't just feed her junk food at every meal.  That would make me a horrible sister.  My diet also plays a factor, and I have to have food on hand with little to no carbs.

So far, so good!  I think we can continue this until Ninja's arrival.  Once he comes, there is no guarantee this system will work for us anymore.  We might just be too consumed with the little guy.  I'm happy that we were at least able to get to this point and save money by eating at home.  No worries.  We still go out plenty.  This is our last chance to go on dates without having to hire a babysitter after all.  Hehe.


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