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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Driving Adventure!

For the longest time (the entire length of our relationship), H and I have been a one car, commuting together kind of couple.  It worked well for our finances, and our bank account thanked us for it.  Maybe that's why we have almost 100k miles on a 4.5 year old car.  Oops!  Back in early September, H introduced a new car to our family.  Meet Delilah.

Delilah ready to come home from the dealer

I know what you're thinking.  How did H convince me to let him buy a convertible with a little Ninja on the way?  Yes, I was indeed pregnant at the time, but I just thought I was awfully ill.  A week after he brought the car home, we saw the double line on the pregnancy test.  Good timing!  Hehe.

I knew that he could either enjoy a fun car now while he's still young, or else he would have to wait until he is old and retired.  Knowing that's not fair, I was on board with this fun car purchase.  No worries.  It's a used car ('99 Mazda Miata), and it didn't hurt the bank account too badly.  We were able to pay it in full and only have to worry about maintenance and insurance.  Becoming a two car family has taken some getting used to, but having another car sure has come in handy.  I drive to all my doctor's appointments by myself and run errands when I need to.  It'll be even more important when Ninja arrives, and we'll have to go to visit the pediatrician quite a few times in the early months.

Over the weekend, we couldn't help but to notice how nice the weather was outside.  While running errands in the morning, we were soaking in the sun and nice temperature (50 degrees).  Our original plan was to stay home and clean up the house, but that was put on the back burner.  Instead we took a drive in Delilah with the top down.  We even made an adventure out of it and drove to HMart, which is about 40 miles away.  This would be the true test because we rarely take her out for long drives.  Would she chug, chug along with no problems?

Adventure begins!

 Wooot!!  Hang on!

 Hello, road behind us!

Like my hat?  Hehe. 

I'm happy to report back that we had an amazing driving adventure.  We even drove the major highways with the top down.  No problems!  The sun felt soooo good, and the temperature was just right combined with the sun's rays.  We drove to HMart and back, found some Girl Scout cookies, and even made a pit stop at Anthropologie, Target, and Trader Joe's.  

Before we know it, Ninja will be here, and I will no longer be able to sit in the passenger seat.  We can't just ditch him at home and go on our adventures on a whim.  Oh the responsibilities of being an adult and a parent.  No worries.  Ninja, you're so worth it.


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