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Monday, March 7, 2011

Dreaming About High School?

Pregnant women are known to have very vivid dreams, and that is true for this preggorz Yin.  Lately I've been dreaming about being a student again in school.  Usually when I wake up I have to think back a little.  Before baby, it wasn't odd for me to have an occasional dream about college.  It wasn't that long ago after all.  Now I've been focusing on high school, and I'm not so sure why.  This past week alone, I've had at least 3-4 high school related dreams.

Am I trying to go back in time via my dream?  Do I really want to think back on my high school years?  Quite honestly, I have forgotten a lot of it, and secretly I know that conjuring up those memories wouldn't be so great.  Would I have loved for it to have happened differently?  Probably.  That's why I posted a letter to my teenage self a few months back.  The past is way in the past, and there is no use digging up bad memories.  I would rather leave them behind.

I just can't help to think and wonder why I'm starting to have so many dreams of myself in high school.  I guess it will remain a mystery because I certainly don't want to solve that one.

No worries.  I do have some great memories from high school, and I recall them from pictures I took during the happy times.

working on the float with Jamie

hanging out at the library with Jen & Sylwia

Wisconsin trip with Ah-Young & Sarah

prom with Sarah J., Nicole, Sarah R., & Jeanine

A.P. History class with awesome peeps

summer after high school with a ton of great friends


animeniac206 said...

You look so cute in high school. AP classes? So smart! You remind me of my HS friend Grace.

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