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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Defeated -- Take That!

My last diabetes related entry was not a very happy one.  Well DCMFM called my doctor's office to tell them that I refused to take the medication that was recommended to me.  While that is correct, I wanted to give it a few more days before accepting medication.  It is my last resort after all.  It feels like I'm being treated like a kid without a mind of my own, and that sucks.  Oye.

How have I been doing so far?  Pretty great actually.  My scores have been between 59 and 100 with only one "bad" score of 90 after a fasting.  Keep in mind that I need to stay 90 and  below after fasting and 130 and below after a meal.  I will admit that I kept my after meal scores below 100 to spite that crazy office for making me think I was crazy.  No worries.  I'm not starving myself or anything.  That was probably 2-3 weeks ago when I couldn't stand my repetitive diet.  I'm just eating protein with veggies or veggies with protein (salads).  I have eliminated all carbs because it's just useless when all the doctors care about are the scores.  Regardless, I do treat myself to very little carbs between my meals, usually in the form of fruits.  While I shouldn't be eating dessert at all, I still do.  I am human after all.  Plus I had a fasting score of 59 on the one night that I didn't eat dessert, and under 70 is not very good.  I probably should have passed out that morning.  Oh well.  I was fine, and I made breakfast right away.

Oh I did give up my morning yogurt, and that does make me sad.  Instead I eat eggs with veggie sausage.  I hate eggs, but that's the only thing that can keep my breakfast score low.  I can't drink milk, eat oatmeal, or toast.  It's pretty sad.  I found yogurt as a way to have a small but satisfying breakfast, even if it is a super small portion.  I'll just continue eating my eggs for the remainder of this pregnancy.  :(

I wish that this could be a completely happy post, but I have a feeling that the doctors at DCMFM will make me feel bad tomorrow for some reason or another.  Maybe they will accuse me of starving myself?  I also might get in trouble from my own doctor for not listening to those doctors who are supposed to be the experts.  I don't know.  It's not like I did Ninja any harm by not taking the medication since I was able to keep all of my scores fairly low this past week.  Must remember.. I can never win.

Update -- Both of my appointments went rather well.  I had a biophysical profile to make sure the little Ninja is doing well since I chose not to take the medication last week.  He surely is a champ, and the results were great.  The doctor also approved of my glucose scores from this past week, and I was given the okay to continue controlling my diet.  Yay!  Maybe there are some days when I can win, even if it is just temporary.


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