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Friday, February 25, 2011

Support PBS: Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers Defending PBS to the US Senate in 1969

I can honestly say that national and world news scares me.  I like to be sheltered in the world of not knowing (odd for a history loving person like myself), but at the same time I cannot be blinded by some of the news that comes my wayThe House of Representatives have approved for the elimination of funding for public broadcasting (along with Planned Parenthood), and I cannot stay silent.  Really, what's wrong with them?  I want every single member of the House to watch this video from 1969 where Mister Rogers defends public broadcasting and actually played a part in increasing funding from $9 million to $22 million.

Oh and Nascar means a lot more than funding for PBS and Planned Parenthood.  What the fudge?  Take a stand.  Let your voice be heard.  Save PBS!  Save Planned Parenthood too!


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