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Friday, February 18, 2011

Preggorz - Week 30... Eeks!!

This post was written yesterday in the nice 60 degree weather.  I had pregnancy brain and never hit "publish."  Oops!  Enjoy!

Today I am 30 weeks along in my pregnancy!  30 freaking weeks!!  Gahhhhh!!  I don't think I can wrap that number around my head.  I liked being in the 20 something week range.  It was fun because I was far enough along to have a belly and out of the dangerous 1st trimester zone.  I had plenty of time to plan out the rest of my pregnancy and prepare for Ninja's arrival.  Now that I'm in my third trimester with only 11 weeks to go, I am freaking out.  That's 70 days remaining folks, and I am not ready (not even close)!  Ninja, please make time slow down or stay in there just a tad longer.  Thanks, dude.  I would appreciate it.

On a brighter note, the mattress, crib, cloth diapers, and painting material should be arriving early next week.  By early, I think all of them have an estimated delivery date of Monday.  Woot!  That means the room should be ready by the end of next week if we are super troopers.  By the way, ready does not really mean ready.  It only means that it should start resembling a nursery.

On a health related note, I had my gestational diabetes consultation today.  I think it went fairly well, but I will admit there were some scary parts.  Going over the diet made me feel like I would never be able to enjoy food ever again.  Seriously, I have had to give up so much already, and I'm not exactly ready to get rid of everything else.  I love eating without feeling guilty, and now I have to evaluate every single thing that enters my body.  No worries though.  I have a fairly healthy diet, and I am by no means gaining any extra weight.  My total weight gain thus far is 19 pounds, which isn't too shabby (recommended weight gain for me is probably closer to 30-35 lbs).  Then I pricked my finger and saw the nice low number on the meter.  This is after I had my lunch too.  Woot!  So I figure I'll give the testing a try and see how it goes from here.  If I stay relatively on track, then I won't be so hard on myself.

On a Ninja related note, he is doing such a super job.  The kid loves to move around, and I can't do much to stop the little guy now.  I sometimes wonder if I am being a bad mom if I don't acknowledge each and every one of his kicks.  He just moves around so often that I can't give him my full attention.  Oh and my full attention just means staring at my belly in total amazement while he does his thing.  Hehe.  Plus we get to see the fella next week for another photo shoot (aka ultrasound).  Yay!

I will begin this paragraph by saying something other than "on a _______ note."  To sum it all up, I am scared of being 30 weeks pregnant.  We are making progress with the nursery.  I am not so scared of my gestational diabetes, and Ninja is having a fabulous life in the womb.  Yay!


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