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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preggorz - Week 28

Gahhh... I'm already 29 weeks along (as of today)!!  Ninja keeps getting bigger, and I am turning into a whale.  Wanna see?

2 weeks ago I looked a little more like this...

Today I took my 3 hour glucose test since I failed my 1 hour glucose test over the weekend.  Boo.  It was extremely painful, and I had wishfully hoped that I passed the first test.  The test determines whether or not I have gestational diabetes, which can have effects on Baby Ninja.  I could give you a whole lesson on what that means, but I would rather not think about it.  Honestly, I'm not so worried about having gestational diabetes.  It's not that rare, and it will go away after pregnancy.  So today I had to fast for 12 hours, drink a nasty & super sugary glucose drink, get stabbed at with a needle 4 times to have my blood drawn every hour, and I almost passed out/threw up.  It was not fun at all.  After 30 minutes of drinking the highly concentrated nasty stuff, I was so close to throwing up, but that would have ruined the test!  Noooo!!  I was determined to keep it in, and I did.  Phew.  I was too queasy to do anything other than sit in the chair and wait for the timer to beep every hour for my blood withdrawal.  Ninja was a trooper along for the ride, and he stayed pretty calm.

Now I just sit here and wait for the test results.  I don't want to get poked at with a needle for at least another month, and I am going to treat myself to a lot of yummy food tonight.  Ninja and I deserve a good meal after the morning we had today.  :)


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