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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nursery in Progress - Paint Goes Up!

H had off yesterday in celebration of President's Day (shout out to all those awesome presidents -- my all time fav is FDR), and that meant a super special three day weekend for us.  Our goals consisted of seeing our family and getting Ninja's nursery ready, and we accomplished both!!  I was also in the search for diabetic friendly food, and we stocked up the fridge with lots of yummy food.  To top everything off, we even went to the court house to drop of my name change paperwork, and I have a court hearing scheduled for next Monday.  Woot!

With Ninja's crib and mattress arriving in the mail on Monday, we were motivated to get his room painted and ready for furniture.  Even though we have been in our house for over a year, we have not painted a single room (laziness).  So we lack experience, and this was our first major painting project.  Eeks!  Luckily, it turned out beautifully, and I am going to convince H that we need to paint every single room in  the house.  :)

First, H patiently put up Froggy Tape everywhere to make sure our paint stayed in place & not on the white ceiling or molding.  It was a lot of hard work, even for pregnant me who sat in the corner watching him the whole time.  To give myself some credit, I made some curtains for a kitchen cubby space.

froggy tape prepped & ready to paint

Next up, paint!  We went with Olympic no VOC paint from Lowe's, which is environmentally preferred with very low fumes.  It is great for a pregnant woman like myself, and it is super affordable.  I had a difficult time deciding on a color, and I went with the softest color from the bunch H and I had chosen.  I purchased a gallon of Olympic paint color matched to Glidden's Lemon Ice.  The color was pretty spot on, and I absolutely love it!!  

I'm also a fan of, and I purchased all of our painting supplies (5 piece paint kit, 2 additional brushes, 3 extra rollers - Behr from Home Depot) for $12 with free shipping.  Yay!  We figured that all of my cost savings could go into the canvas tarp like thing to cover our hardwood floors during the painting process.  Not too shabby.

H hard at work painting the walls

We painted a layer, waited 4 hours (or was it 3) and determined that a second layer would reassure us that there would be enough coverage.  H spent the remainder of the night painting, and he did a great job.

Of course that would not be enough for one night, and H assembled Ninja's crib as soon as he finished painting the second layer.  Silly husband.  Instructions were fairly simple, and the crib came together in no time.  I absolutely love the quality and construction of the crib.  I highly recommend all Million Dollar Baby cribs!  (Refer to my post on mattress and cribs for further details.)

H diligently putting together Ninja's awesome crib

Knowing that the color of the room would look different in the morning, we took a peek at it this morning.  It looks even better than I imagined, and I absolutely love the color.  It is the perfect amount of softness and exactly what I had envisioned.  The style of the crib fits perfectly, and I have a feeling Ninja will love his room.

Nursery basking in the sun -- oh how beautiful!

While this is just the beginning, I am loving the progress H and I have made to Ninja's nursery.  I cannot wait to add a dresser, possibly a rocker, and some awesome wall decorations.  Oh Ninja, I love spoiling you.


Emily Z said...

Make sure you get a changing table, too. Every new mother I've talked has said that that is the ONE thing they are so glad they invested in. It's a back saver.

Yin said...

@Emily Z: Thanks for the recommendation! We plan on putting a changing pad on top of the dresser for a dual purpose furniture piece. :)

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