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Friday, February 4, 2011

Name Change in Progress!

Remember how I said I was taking the necessary steps to change my name over a year and a half ago?  Well I never got around to it.  Surprise, surprise!!  It has been 8 years since I discovered my not so fabulous hyphenated legal name, and I am finally taking the proper steps to make my name right again.  I had intended to change my name before getting married, but I always put it on the back burner.  There were just so many other things going on in my life, and I never made this a priority.  I did get married, and the name on my marriage certificate reflects the one I have lived with for my entire life (thank you, driver's license).  So far only my birth certificate, social security card, and some tax information have my birth given name documented.  Everything else (driver's license, passports, marriage certificate, etc) reflects the awesome non-hyphenated version of my name.

So why the sudden urge to change the name?  It is all for my baby Ninja of course!  He deserves to live a life with no name confusion, and I want to make sure that my name is all sorts of awesome and correct on his birth certificate.  Currently, my hospital records are all over the place because of insurance name confusion, and it's just not very pretty.  Before we got married, I told H that I wanted to keep my maiden name.  He assumed that I would just add his last name to mine, making my last name two words long.  So that's what my insurance card says, and I have to keep all of my health records in line with that new name.  My original plan was to just move my maiden name up in the middle name slot and take H's last name.

To make sure that happens the right way, I'm going ahead with my legal name change.  I will try to correct all the confusion that could possibly be made with what I thought was a simple name consisting of only 9 letters.  Now I gain 3 more letters through marriage and rearrange the position of those names to the proper place.  Oye.

Above you will find evidence that I did take my first step in changing my name.  Yay me!!  I went to my local newspaper, filled out a form, wrote a check for $59.25, and went on my way to patiently wait for the name change announcement to be made in the next edition of the paper.  I did censor my maiden and married name.  I have to keep some secrets from you guys after all.  Hehe.

Wish me luck on the rest of my name change process.  I hope I can get all of this done before Ninja's birth.  *crosses fingers*


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