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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Must Eliminate Stress

With the little Ninja inside, I have to make an effort to prevent stress from entering my life.  Easier said than done.  If I induce stress, then my little one will feel the effects too.  That's not fair.  Being at home does take away a lot of outside stress that I might normally encounter.  Unfortunately, I cannot be completely sheltered.  Enter stress.

My family is always full of surprises.  There is never a dull moment, and that means that there are always problems.  I see my dad pretty often.  He drops by the house almost everyday to pick up my sister (she uses the bus stop by our house).  He never drops by with great news that leaves me calm and relaxed.  Instead I have to hear about problems x, y, and z.  Not only do I have to hear about them, but I even have to get involved.  I am currently in the process of preparing taxes for them, which can be a real pain when they neglect to keep any documentation from the past year.  I am also in charge of Project Picture Album.  My dad brought over 3 albums that I have made for him in the past couple of years, and he wants them updated.  Ughhh.  Taxes and photos have to be done very soon because my parents are leaving the country in less than a month.  Don't forget about the slew of other problems that I have to hear about...
  • the car that is a piece of 9 year old junk & constantly needs repairs
  • not replacing said car (after H & I brought them to 4 dealerships and asked for quotes) & having to complain about $$ for repairs
  • constantly asking if H knows a mechanic who can fix said problem (we have never brought our car into the shop & it has almost 100k miles on it)
  • listening to rental house problems on a daily basis
  • how much they are dreading going to court to deal with rental house problem
  • their ridiculously high Verizon bill
  • how much their utility bill costs even though the house is freezing inside
  • .... okay I could go on forever
So yeah.. I have to listen to all of this and even deal with their problems.  It is not easy to stay calm, and most of the time I go crazy.  Honestly, I do not need extra stress right now.  Why?

I'm already stressing out about entering my 7th month of pregnancy and being completely unprepared to Ninja's arrival.  I am so behind on everything, and I feel like there is no feasible way to be prepared.  I can't even finish reading my one and only pregnancy book.  I have so many more books I need to read about breast feeding and taking care of a child.  Then I have to worry about insurance because that's always complicated.  The insurance plan has changed, and it will change again once H gets hired on directly (he's currently a contractor).  The new insurance will be a heck of a lot more complicated and expensive.  My OB doctor does not accept this company either because they suck at paying.  Ninja's room is still a complete mess, and we haven't bought anything to prepare.  Yeah... please add more things for me to worry about.

Then I get the news today that I didn't do so well and tested kind of high for gestational diabetes.  I have to go back for another test to determine if I actually have it or not, and that test is 3 hours long (super long).  I could barely take waiting an hour for the first test over the weekend.  How am I going to keep myself sane for 3 hours??  They also need to poke my arm multiple times to draw blood in those 3 hours, and every single time I get bruised. I should have scored 11 points higher and be a shoe in for gestational diabetes so that I don't have to take the 3 hour test.

So this entry is just me venting like no other.  Lo siento.  I am stressed and having a horrible day.  Poor Ninja.  He does not deserve this.  Someone magically take all the stress away.  I will be forever grateful.


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