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Friday, February 11, 2011

Auto Show = Search for Family Car

H and I went to the Philly Auto Show last week, which was quite an adventure.  We skipped last year's auto show, mainly because we were wrapped up in wedding stuffs and forgot.  This year we actually had a few reasons for going.  We are sort of in the market for a new car, but it won't be for another couple of years before we're ready to purchase.  We are also trying to fit in as many cool adventures before Ninja makes his arrival.

To be super awesome, I took the bus to meet up with H at the mall.  It turned out to be more complicated than I originally planned in my head.  Imagine pregnant Yin walking with a huge tote full of camera gear, water bottles, and snacks.  There was still leftover snow and ice on the ground, and I had to navigate the neighborhood walking on the street instead of the sidewalk.  Then I ran into a huge problem going over the bridge to get to my bus stop at the Municipal building -- the sidewalk was never shoveled and super icy.  Eeeks!!  H would have had a fit if he saw me grab onto the guard rail for life as I tried crossing the bridge with a tote full of heavy gear and a Ninja in my belly.  Well I made it safely to my  bus stop, and it only took me 20 minutes.  I ended up waiting over a half an hour for the actual bus to arrive.  I also learned a few new lessons since the last time I took the bus, as I sadly glanced at my intended bus drive right past me.  Luckily there was an express that came shortly after.  Phew.

Back to the auto show story -- soooo H and I like to go every year if possible.  We also have a strategy to go on weekdays to ensure that there are less people, better availability for parking, and it's cheaper!  This year we spent a total of $8 per person for admission and $0 on parking (free street parking on the other side of Vine Street). Woot.

Circa 2006

Circa 2007

With a little bundle of joy on the way, we are in the market for a family vehicle.  I'm a tad picky, and SUVs and minivans are out of the question.  I told H a while ago that I wanted a station wagon for our family and how awesome it would be to take on family trips.  Oddly enough, he was on the same page, and we hope to be a station wagon family.  Hehe.

First up, we saw the Toyota Venza.  I'll admit I had my heart set on one car and one car only, but I tried to keep an open mind.  It was quite a crowd pleaser, and I was pleasantly surprised by what this wagon had to offer.  The back trunk space is super spacious, and the back seats go down with ease with a spring release.  Our small car lacks the trunk space that we are increasingly yearning for these days after our trips to Ikea.  I also loved the roominess of the back seats, which I happily imagined our little kiddos sitting in on our long road trip adventures.  The front passenger seat (I love being the passenger) was nice and comfortable.  I'll admit the trunk space and back seats won me over.  I can't remember the rest.  Oops!

Thumbs up!  Yin approved!

As a side note, we also took a look at a hideous looking car called the Scion tC.  Five lovely years ago, this car was an integral part of my relationship with H.  This year, the car looks sad, boxy, and pretty pathetic.  Boo!  I also am not a fan of this color, which I have been seeing on dealer lots trying to sell this bad boy.  Poor decision Scion, poor decision.

Thumbs down.  Yin disapproved.

Next up we have the swoon worthy Acura TSX Sports Wagon, which debuts this year.  Now this is the prize that I have been eying for months, and I could not wait to get inside this car.  I absolutely love our 2006 Acura TSX, and what's not to love about a wagon version of our car?  I could live with the familiarity of a TSX and gain the advantages of a wagon all in one.  Sounds like a super sweet deal, right?  Unfortunately, it just did not live up to my expectations.  (insert sad face)  The trunk space was smaller and narrow at the wheels.  This is one of the problems that we currently have with our car, which limits our ability to lug around wide cargo.  The back seats were even more disappointing with less room than our car.  Eeeks!  The middle seat has no leg space whatsoever because it has been compromised to to have back seat vents.  I sadly envisioned our kiddos being cramped in the back on our long road trip adventures.  All was not completely lost because the familiarity of the car was regained in the front seats.  It felt like home to me, but unfortunately it could not make up for all of its other faults.

Yin gives stink eye.  Yin disapproved.  Boo.

We also took a look at the Honda Crosstour, but I have no pictures to show you my reaction.  From what I remember, there were still a lot of room for improvement.  I didn't see it as our future family vehicle just yet, but I hoped that it would get better in years to come.  Of course I did like the familiarity that can only be found in a Honda/Acura, but that's not enough to win me over.

Of course if H did a recap of the auto show, I'm sure he would have more to tell.  I'm all about the station wagon right now, and I hope that there will be one in our driveway in the future.  For now our lovely Acura TSX will continue to keep chugging with almost 100k miles on it.  Hehe.  This will be Ninja's first family car, and I cannot be happier.  H and I have so many memories and adventures in our car, and we hope to continue that with our family.  It makes me smile to imagine Ninja coming home from the hospital in the back seat of our TSX.  :)


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