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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tummy Reveal

I bet you guys are wondering how my tummy looks.  The baby has transformed my body, and it's really amazing how it can accommodate a little tiny being.  I have been slacking and usually don't take weekly photos.  At first I was afraid to document the pregnancy because I didn't want to have a miscarriage and have these photos as evidence of my failure.  (Yes, I was super scared of having a miscarriage.)  Then I had my ultrasound, and all of a sudden I had reached the end of my first trimester.  Phew.  The lack of weekly photos is due to my frustration in front of the camera.  H has since perfected his camera taking skills (the faster, the better), and I edited them just for this little blog.  Enjoy!

H took this photo the day after my first ultrasound, which marked my official 12th week!! Woot!  My stomach was not too big, but it was definitely massive for tiny old me.  I had to start wearing a belly band to hold up my pants, and I pretty much lived in my sweatpants (low rise, size medium -- bought specifically for comfort during pregnancy) at home.  After eating dinner, I felt like a whale and kinda looked like one too.

A month later and the size of my stomach is noticeably bigger and more defined.  Since it's winter, I was able to hide it under sweaters and jackets with no problem.  Getting bigger also means that the baby is still there, right?  Well I sure hoped so.  Being a crazy mommy, I kept worrying about my little guy.  I was eager to see my doctor again & get another ultrasound to confirm that I had a baby growing inside and not a tumor.

This was not intended to make it to my weekly tummy shot folder, but somehow it still works.  I was getting ready one morning blow drying my hair, and H came in to take pictures of me.  I'm wearing an actual maternity outfit here -- Gap turtle neck sweater with the most amazing maternity leggings ever (to this day they are the only pair of maternity pants that I own).  I swear that my stomach exploded in size right after Thanksgiving and just continued to grow in the month of December.

I'm 6 months pregnant, and I have entered the year that Ninja will be born!  OMG... do I really look like that?  Seriously, that is one massive belly.  At this point my worries point to stretch marks.  Yes, I know it's natural, but I don't really want them.  At the same time I have no idea how my skin can naturally stretch without the stretch marks.  I hear it's all about genetics, and I asked my mom if she ever had stretch marks during her 5 pregnancies.  Nope!  Phew.  Thanks, mom! 

H took this photo earlier this week, and I wanted to give you guys a more updated tummy look.  Although it doesn't look too different from 2 weeks ago, I can vouch and say that my little Ninja is constantly making more space for himself.  See how I'm wearing a maternity shirt in this photo?  This week I can no longer fit into any of my size xs/s shirts (can't cover the bottom of my belly)!  I'm starting to wear more and more of H's clothes, even out in public!!  I just throw on a dress shirt and add a skinny belt to separate my boobs from my belly.  Hehe.  I guess I could just buy more maternity clothes, but I've been doing so well and only buying the bare necessities.

At first I was torn as to whether or not I should actually expose my tummy on the blog.  I only took the photos with my stomach hanging out upon H's request.  My intention was only to have the clothed version available.  Then I started to do side by side shots, and it just makes a huge difference.  I am starting to love and embrace the naked belly.  Plus I'm not really ashamed of my body.  If anything, I'm kind of proud that I don't look like a monster yet.  :)

Did I just scare everyone with my tummy reveal?  Lo siento!!  I scare myself sometimes when I look down at my stomach.  Call it even?  It's weird, but I always imagined having kids.  I just never thought about those 9+ months of pregnancy and how my body would transform from stick to whale.  No worries though.  The little Ninja makes it all worth it, and I could care less about looking like a whale as long as he is a healthy trooper inside.

To those who can see kiddos in their future -- have you ever imagined how your body will change during pregnancy?  Were you like me and just skipped to the sunshine filled part where you can play with the kiddos and be their best friend?


animeniac206 said...

Don't be ashame of your naked belly. It look very sexy! Hahaha. Good to hear you and the baby are doing well. ^^

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