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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photo Organization

In my last entry I wrote about basic organization in the house with the assistance of a new bookshelf.  So far it has helped me sort through all of my bills and invoices from the past 3 years.  That's a heck of a lot of paper!!  I am so glad that I went through them all because there might just be a day I might need them.  Packing and moving into the new house has made me forget where everything is.  I have lost so many things, and I still haven't found most of them yet.  I am hoping that by starting to organize, I can follow through for years to come.  Well at least for this year.  I have a feeling life is only going to get more complicated, and organization will be the key to sanity.

Today's task has been photo organization.  My parents designated me as the keeper of photos, and I have been trying my hardest to keep up with the role.  Back in high school I used a camera that required film, and I was forced to bring them to the store to have them printed.  If not, I would never see the results of my clicking.  With the digital age, it has become so easy to constantly click, click, click and forget about it.  I can view the photos on the screen of my camera or the screen of my computer.  Who  needs a hard copy?  I do.  I cannot stand the possibility of losing them.  In the past I have made sure to have multiple copies on my external hard drives and on discs.  It is not an easy task, but it has to be done.

The most difficult part for me has been following through with printing the photos.  It shouldn't be too difficult, right?  Well there is always the tedious task of sorting through every single file and seeing whether or not they are worthy of being printed.  It takes up a lot of time, and I get exhausted looking at hundreds of files at a time.  No worries.  It gets even more difficult now that we have a DSLR in the family.  The photos require editing (to satisfy my need for perfection), and that just so happens to be my job too.  Hubby takes photos.  I edit.  It's only fair?  I'm not so sure about that.

I have to thank Flickr for making my life a tad easier.  I have the motivation to edit by knowing that I can upload them to Flickr.  If I ever need a photo (original size in all its glory) and have access to the internet, then I am golden.  Because I am the editor, I also sort through the photos in the process.  If the edited photo ends up in my "Flickr" folder on my computer, then they are worthy of being seen online & also printed.  Now only if I can learn how to upload to Flick and immediately upload it to be printed at the same time using my store of choice (Costco). 

So far all my hard photo copies belong in a home called a shoebox.  It's a sad place to be, especially when there is no order.  Luckily my new year organization skills have come to their rescue.  Now they are categorized and in a better, nicer photo box.  Woot!  It's the small steps that count.  H would love for me to put the photos in photo albums. Yeah.. I'll work on that.


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