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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Most babies have nicknames (nugget, peanut, bean, etc) before they are born, and our little bundle of joy had one right away.  Since my pregnancy started out with a huge radioactive scare, we found it fitting to call our baby ninja.  This was H's brilliant idea, and the name is so perfect that we can't even imagine calling him by any other name.  Yes, that also means that we are having the most difficult time coming up with a real name because Ninja is just that perfect.  Why Ninja?

Hehe.  This means that H and I will have to show him classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes to pay homage to his name.

Seriously though, we were super scared by the effects of his radiation exposure.  Waiting for my first prenatal appointment was torturous, but it was worth the wait.  While we didn't have any of our questions answered right away.  The doctor noted that there shouldn't be any complications, but we were referred to genetic counseling for further details.  We assumed that if the radiation did have an effect on our little one, then it would be in the form of a mutation or problems with brain development.

But then we saw this...

Somehow this one image on the ultrasound screen made all of our worries melt away.  I thought I was only 9-10 weeks along at the time, and usually most people see a blob on the screen.  Here we were face to face with our little baby, and he looked absolutely perfect.  We saw his heart beating ever so miraculously.  There were two legs and two arms.  Taking account his measurements, the technician told us that our little one was 11 weeks and 6 days along.

About a month and a half later, H and I went in for genetic counseling, where we were assured that Ninja's radiation exposure was too small to have any effect on him.  Afterward we went in for a level 2 ultrasound in the same building with the same genetic experts.  Ninja looked super cute on the screen, and he turned out to be super healthy too!!  Yay!  No more worries.  Just be happy!

Even though Ninja is no where near a mutant.  He is still our special little Ninja.  Each day that he spends inside of me, I am so grateful for his presence.  His kicks make my heart melt, and we bond on a daily basis.  Everyday he is growing so fast, and I cannot wait for his debut.  I love you, Ninja!


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