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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time Flies!

Has anyone else felt like the last couple of months have been zooming by at an alarmingly fast rate?  Maybe it's just me and the hubby, but we are so overwhelmed by the rapid succession of holidays.  We just can't keep up!!

Halloween zipped by before we knew it, leaving us little time to decorate and get ready.  Luckily we purchased our pumpkins weeks in advanced, but we didn't actually carve them until Halloween day.  We were not prepared enough for the number of kids who rang our doorbell that night and ran out of candy way too early.  At least we had two varieties of Pocky and Mentos to keep them happy.  I was a cat at the very last minute, and H didn't have time to whip up a costume.

H using a dremel to etch his Totoro pumpkin this year

Last minute cat costume using 3D glasses frames & PB kids cat ears

Totoro & Vampire Hello Kitty

Fast forward to the month of November, and we're not exactly sure where the weeks went.  Before we knew it, Thanksgiving was here.  We celebrated with our families with lots of delicious food and continued our annual Black Friday tradition.  This time we added another day of turkey for ourselves to celebrate at home, just me and H.

 Celebrating with family

Turkey at home

Now we're down to the last stretch before Christmas.  I wish I could say that all the previous holidays better prepared us for the big Santa filled one, but we are still in shock of how fast it came.  Oye.  We have no outside Christmas decorations, and our tree is pretty empty.  We only have a strand of lights with no ornaments in sight.  We just got lazy this year and never found time for it.  At least we have finished shopping, and all of the presents are wrapped.  I just put my Christmas cards in the mailbox to go out for delivery today with only a few days to spare.

 Our slightly decorated house from last year

I would greatly appreciate it if time could slow down just a tad next year.  I need to let everything sink in before time flies right before my eyes.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wow your pumkins turned out really good!!!! You guys are awesome. Thank you for the cards. :)

Merry (late) Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family a year full of happiness and warm .. chocolate.

Yin said...

Yay!! I'm always so afraid that mail will get lost if it travels far, and it's great to hear that you received it!

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