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Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Will Frustrations

Arghhh.  Okay I know it is not best to write while I'm still extremely frustrated and angry, but I don't know what else to do right now.  As I have mentioned before, I don't have the most ideal super family, more like a dysfunctional one.  I think most of us belong to somewhat dysfunctional families in some way, shape, or form -- does that make us normal?  I don't get along with all members of my family -- sometimes it's my mom (teenage years) but it's mainly with my sisters (I have 4 of them).  At one point or another, I had bad relations with probably every one of them.  Our lack of contact and communication usually last at least a year or so.  My current bad sister relationship has been going on for the past 3+ years.

Long story short -- my parents have given the executor title for their will to someone who I do not trust.  Can you guess?  Yes, it's the sister who I have not talked to in the past 3+ years.  The last time she tried to have a conversation with me, she accused me of taking my parent's money.  This was her assumption that my parents were continuing to pay for my education after I moved out of the house, which is completely false.  My student loans took care of my last year of college, not my parents.  I had the help of my friends to get me through the tough time, not my family.  I also officially paid off all my student loan debt this past summer in full.

While my dad is trying to convince me that she has very little power, I don't believe it.  My parents have assets that make it a tad more complicated than just evenly distributing money from the bank.  Decision making is required that goes beyond what a legal document can state.  It makes me uneasy.  I have learned to only trust a few people in my life, and she is not one of them.  She would also become the legal guardian of my teenage sister if she is still under the age of 18 when the will is executed.  Oye.

I have made the decision that I want no part in my parent's will.  Honestly, I never wanted any part from the beginning because I don't need my parent's money.  I would rather them enjoy the rest of their retired lives and spend every single penny of it.  They have raised me to be the person who I am today, and I cannot ask for anymore.

**side note**
I checked out my blog stats last night and found that people who entered "family sadness" in google image results found my blog.  That is exciting but sad.  The image may or may not pop up again.  You can give it a try.


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