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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Becoming Home Owners: Waiting Pays Off

On September 1, 2009 I fell in love with the house of our dreams (well definitely my dreams), and it was only in picture form.  H immediately called our realtor, and we were scheduled to see the house the next day.  The house had just gone up on MLS 2 days before, and we would be the first to view it.  Ahhh!!  Btw, we had switched our realtor to a family friend midway through the summer, which would make this process a lot easier on us.  I'm so glad we switched because it was so easy to honestly tell her what we liked and didn't like in a home.  She always had our best interest in mind and also knew how H's parents would react as well.

Here's a description of the house:

Beautiful refinished hardwood floors throughout 1st and 2nd floors. Fresh paint and 6 panel doors added. HVAC 3 years old. Family room has new carpet and a cozy wood burning fireplace. Master bedroom has its own bathroom and large closet. Landscaping has been freshened up. 2-car garage with opener and a concrete patio off family room. Extra storage in floored attic on 2nd floor. Walk to community pool, U of D and Main Street.

A few photos from the original listing:

The house looks fairly simple in these photos, but the most amazing part was the location and price.  It is situated in the very same neighborhood as the one we thought had slipped away.  Actually it is right down the street and around the corner.  The house is also across the street from the house that had went up on the market and sold before we had a chance to look at it.  Now it was our time to see if this house could really be the one for us.

Not only is it in the perfect neighborhood, but the price was perfection.  The house was definitely priced to sell.  No doubt about it, and it was a price that we would be more than happy to pay for.  The inner workings of the house were new and up to date.  The hard wood floors are to die for.  Just look at those pictures!  2 car garage!!  I never imagined having the luxury of a single garage, and 2 was just more than I could ever ask for.  Oddly enough even the 6 panel doors were amazing because they were certainly updated from the original doors, many of which we had seen in the neighborhood.  It even had 2.5 baths!  Most homes we looked at only had 1.5, and we even ran into one house that only had 1 full bath located on the 2nd floor.  All of these extra features were luxuries to us, and the price was definitely affordable.  *swoon*

Can you believe the wait was unbearable?  We had to wait over 24 hours to finally step foot into this house, which doesn't sound like a long time.  When you've been looking at houses for the entire summer, an extra couple of hours of waiting feels like forever.  We were so super excited to see if the house really lived up to the description and pictures in the listing.  Were we in over our heads?  Would it really be the perfect house?   We sure hoped so. 

Always keep in mind what your priorities are when looking for a house.  My priority was definitely location (if I haven't said it enough by now).  Next in line I wanted a house that would be move in ready and wouldn't require a lot of money to fix up and renovate immediately.  How big of a bummer would it be to move into the house and have to spend a couple grand to update the hvac system or replace the roof?  I also had to envision our future family living comfortably in the house.  It had to feel like home, and only you can determine that feeling.  Having those few major priorities allows you to appreciate the other features in the home that may not have been classified under your needs.  Ultimately you are looking for a place you can call home.

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