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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Becoming Home Owners: Our Requirements

While I wasn't 100% convinced that everything would work out at the time, but we still began our search.  Maybe it would be entertaining to at least figure out what we wanted in a house.  I tried my very best not to be picky, but I know I gave H such a hard time.  He was much more open than I was, and I had a few requirements that I could not budge from.  Take a look:

Yin's Requirements
  • No townhouses 
  • 2 story, split level, and ranch (w/ basement) homes acceptable 
  • 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath 
  • No new construction or relatively new development -- prefer older homes
  • Open to laundry in basement
  • Open to no garage
  • Location, location, location --more on this later
  • Good schools -- I'm already thinking about the future kiddos
  • Homey feeling neighborhood -- nice to have a mix of families & older adults
 H's Requirements
  • All home types acceptable -- townhouses, 2 story, split level, and ranch
  • 3 bedrooms, preferably 2.5 baths
  • 1st floor laundry room
  • Must have enclosed garage with access to house
  • Open to location but required good neighborhoods
  • Good schools -- also thinking about those future kiddos
H would search everywhere within New Castle County for a house for us, but secretly I knew that only a few locations would meet my approval.  Poor husband.  He really tried his hardest to please me.  I had my eyes on Newark, my hometown, and North Wilmington.  All other areas didn't really scream home to me, and I was super picky.  On the other hand, H would look at every location possible before ruling it out.  I bet it was super frustrating for him to deal with me.  Oh and H was the sole searcher for homes.  I just couldn't get myself to search because I still wasn't sure how we would be able to afford a home.

We wanted this house to be our starter home since we were pretty sure our "forever" home would not be within financial reach.  Our starter home would need to be suitable for the start of our future family as well, which played a huge factor in what we liked and didn't like in a lot of homes that we looked at.  I tend to look out for our future kiddos, regardless of how long it would actually take us to start a family.  I convinced H that we needed a car with 4 doors a whole 4 years ago.  I figured it would be easiest to transport our future kiddos.  Now that I think back on it, that should have scared any man.  I'm super lucky.

Oh and all of our requirements would have to fit into our budget.  Yeah that's the scary part.  We had no idea how much we could afford.  That would be left to the professionals.

Becoming Home Owners: The Beginning


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It's good to be picky.

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