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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becoming Home Owners: The Search Continues

So maybe the "one" really wasn't the "one" after all.   I believe that everything does happen for a reason, and it explains a lot about my life.  I will admit that I was super bummed by our loss.  As an update, the house did go back on the market.  It never sold, and it was taken off the market later that year.  The original owner still lives there, and we occasionally see him walking around the neighborhood.  It is super awkward because we never wanted things to end badly.  :(

Being bummed doesn't get you very far so we were back searching for homes once again.  More houses came on the market throughout the summer, but nothing wowed us.  It was disappointing going from house to house and not seeing much potential.  Some houses didn't meet our location needs, and some required too much tender, love, and care for our bank account.  I went into the search knowing that it could take months, possibly even up to a year to find a suitable home for us.  Even though I knew this, I was getting impatient.  I thought maybe I was too picky and that's why we couldn't find a good home.  Now I realize that I wasn't exactly being picky.  I just knew what I wanted, and location turned out to mean a whole lot to me.

Even though I was opened to a few locations in the area, I was really set on one particular "nook."  Only a few neighborhoods are contained within this nook, and not too many houses were going up for sale.  These neighborhoods are very family oriented, and most families stay in the homes for a very long time.  The houses were built in the 1960s, and there are still a few with original homeowners.  Yup, original!!  Now that's true home love, and I wanted a piece of that feeling.  Yeah we were just looking for our starter home, but I couldn't help but have my "forever" home in mind too.  It's so hard not to think about our future family.  Oye.

So a month went by.  Then another month went by.  No luck.  While I was getting disappointed, H was still on track.  He looked at the official MLS website every single day and was always on the lookout for our perfect home.  Man, I married the best husband ever.  He was committed to making this work, and our perfect home was going to pop up on the market. 

Let's just say my husband did not disappoint.  On September 1, 2009 the "one" went on the market.

To be continued...

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