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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving was a tad different than my old school years with my family, but it was just as amazing.  H and I spent Thanksgiving at his parents house, and my parents even joined in on the festivities.  Dinner was delicious and consisted of two rounds -- one traditional Thanksgiving dinner & one Vietnamese hot pot.  This is the first year that H's whole family has gotten together for Thanksgiving, which made it extra special.

Feasting on Vietnamese Hot Pot -- Round II

H's parents enjoying yummy hot pot.

My parents enjoying the noodles.  They later asked for a package to bring home.

I'm cheezin' for the camera.  H is just looking at me like I'm weird.

Cousins smiling for the camera.

Cousins loading their plates with the traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Cousin Love =)

SIL with nephew

No Thanksgiving would be the same without some Black Friday shopping!  H and I woke up at 3:30 AM to get to North Wilmington around 4:00 AM.  We're huge fans of Target, and we decided to go further north to the Target we're most familiar with.  I was hungry and had to take a breakfast break before the shopping even started.  I'm lame & weak.  We saw the aftermath of this crazy accident as we were eating...

We're assuming that the red car to the left of the fire truck crashed directly into the building.  It was a crazy sight.  Unfortunately this was one of many accidents we saw on Black Friday.  The slippery roads combined with crazy shoppers was not a good combination.

Then we remembered that we forgot to call the famous Brippy!  Oddly enough she was awake and joined us for her first Black Friday shopping adventure.  Last year she opted to sleep off the Thanksgiving Day feast while we shopped.  She found some awesome deals and even braved the line at Target for us.  I ran out of energy and gas in my system.  I told you I was weak!  We ended up going to Target, Concord Mall, and Christiana Mall.  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  Lots of presents were bought, and the shopping adventure was a huge success (minus my frequent breaks to rest).  Shopping also continued the following day at Costco and Target, where we finished most of our Christmas list.  Woot!

Of course one Thanksgiving was not enough for H and me.  So we had our very own Thanksgiving at home last night!!  We cooked up a delicious feast for the two of us.  Yummy!  We had our very first Thanksgiving at home last year with the family, and our house was screaming for another year of turkey.  Hehe.

Christmas music filled the house thanks to my old school N'Sync holiday CD I found recently.

Delicious turkey carved and ready to eat.  This was by far the best turkey H has ever made.  It was cooked just right.  Yummy!

 We made moist turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and fresh cranberry sauce.  The rest of the fixings were thanks to convenience of canned goods & boxed items.

There is one more holiday to go before the end of the year, and I am so surprised how fast time is flying by.  I thought Halloween came too quickly.  Then Thanksgiving crept up sooner than expected.  Now I'm getting my Christmas groove on.  It's all so exciting.  We're dedicating this weekend to setting up our house for the festive holiday -- Christmas lights outside our house & buying our 2nd Christmas tree!

While I didn't go into details about what I'm thankful for this year on the blog, I did go through a whole list right before dinner last night.  It was so fun to think back on all the wonderful things this year has brought us.  :)


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