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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Year House Anniversary

I've had this entry written for quite some time, but I never put the effort to publish.  I made some slight changes to reflect more up to date thoughts.  Since I'm now home bound, I figured it would be fitting to talk a little more about that place that I spend so much time in nowadays.  

Last month H and I celebrated our one year house anniversary!  Unless you've been one of our few lucky visitors, many of you have no clue what our house looks like.  I never got a chance to post photos of our house when we first moved in.  No worries though.  Our house pretty much looks the same now as it did a year ago, and we're not ashamed of it either (we're busy folks!).  There will be a few changes in the upcoming months though.  Details later.  Shhh!

A picture I posted over a year ago, before we signed on the dotted line.  The house currently looks just like that, even down to the car parked on the left side of the garage.  Just add an updated roof and some leaves on the ground, and you're set.

I remember the euphoria of moving into our home, and those happy feelings never seem to go away.  The house is truly perfect for us, and we gush about how perfect it is all the time.  Yeah we're losers, happy house loving losers.  Our neighborhood is awesome.  Our neighbors are awesome.  Our 43 year old home was move in ready, and the previous original owner really did take great care of it.  We really can't wipe the smile off our faces.  Is it crazy that we drive around and compare our house to other homes?  We are convinced that we found the perfect home for us.

So what have we done in the past year of home ownership?  Not much.  Planning, executing, and paying for a wedding is a strain on the bank account and precious time.  Most of our money went into the wedding, and our house was left with hand me down goods.  The house decorating gods would be ashamed of us.  It somewhat resembles a college house, full of mismatched decor (this makes sense for us since we never dormed on campus or had an apartment of our own -- we had to start from scratch).  One day that will change.  So here's what we've done...
  • purchased new washer & dryer -- oh how I love thee
  • put down new insulation in attic -- thank you Obama for paying for most of our insulation & keeping our house warm
  • painted the inside of our kitchen cabinets & nothing else (meaning our walls are very sad)
  • replaced all our light bulbs with CFLs -- which can be found super cheap at Costco thanks to Energize Delaware
  • came out with some super auction finds -- $10 Ethan Allen old school sofa bed
  • spent mucho $ on a super fine roof -- those things are expensive
Getting our new roof in August!  It'll probably be one of the most expensive projects for our house but totally worth every penny.

The list is pretty short, and I spent a lot of time trying to think of more items to add to the list.  Can you believe that we still have hand me down dishes in our cabinet & only enough to serve 4 people?  When you have a whole house to take care of, there are a set of priorities that take place.  The smaller details get left behind.  Hopefully this year will be full of small projects to spiff up our home.  We can never compete with the Jones, nor do we ever want to.  We like to take our time.  :)

Super awesome home, thank you for providing us with a place we happily call home.  I've been searching for that place for so long, and it is so good to finally find it.  One day I will give you guys a tour and let you in on the details of home ownership.


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