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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not So Great Sleep

My sleeping habits have changed quite a bit lately, and it's a bummer.  It puts me in a lot of pain, and sleeping isn't as pleasant as it used to be.  My joints are achy, and I wake up frequently in pain.  There are some good days when I sleep with very little problems, but unfortunately the uncomfortable nights outnumber the comfy ones.

H and I have a foam mattress, which is so different from the normal spring mattress.  We prefer the foam to the spring, and I don't think it is possible for me to go back.  Our mattress definitely helps with my poor sleeping habits.  Too bad the foam mattress has spoiled me to death, and sleeping on a spring mattress for just a few hours will put me in so much pain.  I had to take a nap at H's parent's house on Friday, and I felt bruised and injured from my 2 hour nap.  I am still recovering, and I think the nap did more damage to my body than good.  *sigh*

My husband is super thoughtful and bought me a special pillow to bring some relief.  It is truly special, and we refer to it as the boat.  I am pretty much wrapped in pillow all night along, and it makes sleeping much more bearable.  Too bad it doesn't take away all the pain, but it does help a whole lot.  Unfortunately the pillow takes up so much space, and I miss sleeping next to my husband.  He's physically next to me, but the boat pillow is a huge barrier.  Sadness.

I cannot wait for my normal sleeping habits to return.  I'm afraid it will be a while before that happens.  I want to fall back asleep, but I'm not so sure that's possible.  Our neighbors across the street are having their roof replaced, and it's difficult to sleep through the noise.  I also have a very important appointment this afternoon, and I certainly do not want to sleep through that.  I cannot win.

I just want to sleeeeeep peacefully with limited pain.  Is that too much to ask for?

[Edit] Wouldn't you know it... I just had the best sleep in the longest time.  It was so comfortable that I didn't even want to get out of my pillow boat (and slept for an extra hour).  My body likes to trick me. 


animeniac206 said...

First of all, I'm so glad you're getting back to blogging again! I'll comment on everything else later. :)

Yin said...

@animeniac206: Yay! Blogging is fun. How could I ever really stop? Hehe.

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