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Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Teenage Yin,

Hello!  This is Grown Up Yin writing to you from the future.  Let me just tell you that life has changed quite a bit since your teenage years.  It feels weird for me to even reminiscence that far back in the past.  I am (hopefully) six to ten years wiser, and I would like to give you some advice.

Always Believe in Yourself.
I know this is the time when you fall off the tracks and hate life a bit.  Getting that B in English really wasn't all that bad.  You can recover!  Life isn't always about getting the perfect grade.  It's okay to drop below a 4.0!  Don't let this get you down.  You have to believe in yourself because you really are super awesome.  Don't let anyone make you think otherwise.  Being in a class full of students who are all capable of excelling does not mean that you are a failure amongst them.  You just have to put your mind to it and believe in yourself.

Being a studious teenager? Possibly

Be Patient
Learn to love yourself first.  Do not let boys take advantage of you!  Just because you think everyone has been in a relationship, had their first kiss, and been on a million dates doesn't mean that it's actually true.  Love takes time.  First love yourself so that you know how valuable you are.  Don't ever forget that.  You might just end up finding the love of your life soon after high school.  :)

Hanging out with the girls at our Senior Ball & Banquet.  I'm the Asian on the right.

Be Obedient
As much as we all experience the high school rebellion, you must try to be an obedient daughter.  It's not easy for mom and dad to raise two more kids after the initial three have moved out of the house.  Sure, all those hours working at the restaurant are a bummer, but we all had to put time in.  Mom may push a lot of your buttons, but try to remain calm.  You know that dad has your back and will support you through the tough times.  You can always vent to your blog.  Okay it might take a few years until you start one, but once you do, venting will make you feel a lot better.

Can you find me on the float?  I'm the firefighter... woot!

Stop Trying to be Skinny
Yes, you!  Stop it!  Don't listen to mom (about this one point).  She will continue to call you fat for the rest of your life, but it doesn't mean that it's true.  Wearing a size 2 and extra small makes you tiny.  Think about it.  Sizes go up to extra large and beyond, and yet you are at the lowest end of the spectrum.  Trust me, you don't want to be a size 0.  It might feel good at first, but you'll cry when you can't fit into it anymore.  Our weight will fluctuate, and that's okay.  You may not realize this yet, but we are extremely lucky to have a super high metabolism.  We eat more food than the average size 2, a heck of a lot more food.  Just have fun and take advantage of that now before our metabolism starts to slow down.

Just follow my advice, and your high school years will be much more enjoyable.  I wish that I could remember even half of it, but I decided a long time ago to lock those memories away.  The things I do remember have affected who I am today, and sometimes it's for the worse.  I think a lot of my low self-esteem lingered from those years and continues to haunt me to this day.  Do me a favor and enjoy being in high school.  Thanks!

Grown Up Yin

As a side note, I was a shy loner type in high school.  I didn't have very many friends at first because my best friends from middle school all went to different high schools.  I belonged in the wannabe orch dorks and band geeks crowd.  What does it mean to be a wannabe?  Well I didn't actually play any instruments.  I was just in their crowd.  I was a straight A student, but then I gave up after my first year (stupid B in English).  I no longer cared about my grades because I thought everyone was smarter than me.  I dated two guys in high school, and the first boyfriend was a mistake.  I wanted boys to like me, and I said yes to the first guy who wanted to date me.  I also wanted to be super skinny.  Maybe guys would like a stick more than a human shape?

On a brighter note, most of the friends I have today are from high school.  My high school buddies have stuck with me all this time, and I value their friendship so much.  I did have fun in school, especially my senior year.  I was a rebel and started driving my parent's car on the weekends -- watching my first football game, going to high school dances, attending a lot of orchestra and band concerts, and even attending a few parties.  Sure, I had to give myself a curfew so that my parents wouldn't suspect too much, but it was all worth it.  I actually enjoyed being part of Key Club and Journalism.  I recently found a stack of newspapers from the years that I wrote.  It brings back a lot of good memories.

High School Buddies for Life!  Spending New Years together -- 2010!

 Brippy!!  I think we were serving German food in the library. 2002 or 2003?

Spending time with Jen in the library. 2003


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