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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Health Update

I'm still on a steady decline (some days are worse than others).  I've seen the doctor and made a visit to the hospital for one of my tests.  I have a few more scheduled for tomorrow, and I hope some results can be found.  Today's goal is to condition myself to be normal again, despite the physical pain.  I can't say that it's working out too well, but it's progress.  I get easily tired after attempting at a task.  :(

Some days it's really difficult to stay strong.  My physical health also affects my emotional health, and I'm one huge mess right now.  Having much more time to myself means that I think too much.  It's a bummer that I'm stuck in bed, on the couch, or sitting down most of the time.  Sleeping helps me forget about the pain and stops me from thinking too.  Unfortunately, I fall asleep in pain and wake up to it too.  Human interaction does make me feel better.  I also like balloons (thanks hubby).

One day at a time.


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