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Monday, August 23, 2010

Losing Control -- My Body Rejects Me

I have been out of my normal routine for a couple days now, and I'm ready for my body to fully recover. Unfortunately, I'm sitting here waiting for my symptoms to go away.  It's difficult to describe exactly what is wrong with me because I'm not exactly sure.  My body has been rejecting me as of late.  I grow easily tired from doing the simplest of tasks (eating, working, putting laundry away).  It feels like chronic fatigue.  I'm sensitive to light, sounds, and odors.  My stomach will start to cause me pain, and then it temporarily stops.  Then my head decides to take its turn and cause more pain.  Dizziness occasionally takes over.  Then my chest starts to pound, and I cannot help but want to cry from this confusion.  What is my body trying to tell me?  I do not know.  I feel like I have no control.



Lam said...

Hmm... sounds like you need another vehicle! ^_^. But on a more serious note (not saying the vehicle wasn't serious)... have you been eating red meats and drinking plenty of fluids?

Yin said...

Answers: no & no


I know dehydration is a major problem for me, and I keep telling myself I need to work on constantly supplying my body with fluid. I think that's part of the problem...

As for another vehicle, I'll had to consult with the wife in me. =p

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