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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Sweet Snow II

Woot! After this last snow storm, I thought we were in the clear. After all, the weather folks were only estimating three inches for the snow on Tuesday. Well that number surely keeps going up. It went up to 10 inches, and now it's currently at an estimated 22 inches. That's only 2 inches shy of this past weekend. Bring it on! Oh yes, and Jack Markell has already declared a state of emergency. It's safe to say that I'm staying home today and happily being snowed in. =)

So what will Yin be doing today? There will be a lot of wedding projects under way, but I'll probably focus on the big one. Here's a sneak peak of what it involves...

muahaha.. I'm going to go crazy

or maybe it'll just involve a lot of shoveling like last time...


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