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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Fun fact -- both of our neighbors wished us a happy new year. Judy even baked us her yummy chocolate chip chocolate cupcakes. I absolutely love our neighbors. Can I invite them to the wedding?

Not so fun fact -- I worked every single day this week. Hung worked 3. Boo. I want to stay home too. This week took forever to end.

This past week has been a doozy and I'm glad that the weekend is finally here. Maybe I can relax this time? Last weekend H and I went down to Virginia to spend New Year with his family, and then we were back up to Philly on Sunday night to celebrate with mine. This whole week has been full of activity -- dinner with H's parents, meeting with our wedding photographer, a trip to Costco, prepping taxes for my parents, etc. I think we're also out of food. Hmm. Seeing how I don't want to leave the house this weekend, that might be a problem. I can survive off of rice, ramen, and soy sauce, right?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Sweet Snow II

Woot! After this last snow storm, I thought we were in the clear. After all, the weather folks were only estimating three inches for the snow on Tuesday. Well that number surely keeps going up. It went up to 10 inches, and now it's currently at an estimated 22 inches. That's only 2 inches shy of this past weekend. Bring it on! Oh yes, and Jack Markell has already declared a state of emergency. It's safe to say that I'm staying home today and happily being snowed in. =)

So what will Yin be doing today? There will be a lot of wedding projects under way, but I'll probably focus on the big one. Here's a sneak peak of what it involves...

muahaha.. I'm going to go crazy

or maybe it'll just involve a lot of shoveling like last time...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Sweet Snow

Over the weekend we got 24.3 inches of snow! It started snowing towards the end of the work day on Friday, and I shrugged it off as light snow in the beginning. The flakes were tiny, and it melted instantly upon contact with the ground. So being the smart girl that I am, I went to Wilmington to hang out with the famous Brippy. By the time we left the restaurant, our car was covered in snow. The roads were mighty dangerous, but we survived and arrived home in time to snooze.

I woke up in the morning to continuous snow fall, and the inches on the ground turned into a foot and then some. Many of us were anxious and awaiting for the snow to stop. Once it did, the whole neighborhood was out and about shoveling their cars free of the snow. It was fun!

I enjoyed a bowl of ramen before heading out the door to begin the shoveling adventure.

H was ready to leave out the door by the time my bowl of ramen was ready. So I hurried and ate as much as I could and headed out the door to help.

Isn't the snow pretty? Our house loves snow. =) My job was to shovel the sidewalk with my super heavy shovel (meant for dirt and definitely not snow). I took a break to take some pictures.

Don't let our neighborhood roads receive you. The actual roads were covered with a layer of snow. Oddly enough our neighborhood was plowed at least three times during the snow storm. That is so awesome. I <3 our neighborhood. We still haven't determined why our neighborhood has the cleanest roads after a storm. The sun is setting, and the snow fall said its final farewell. Until next time (aka Tuesday)!

Check out that thick layer of snow! What made this storm pretty bad was the fact that the wind was so gusty. The snow in our backyard was super thick due to the wind. It was so difficult to walk back there.

Here is my lame attempt in showing you how thick the snow was in comparison to my leg. More leg/snow shots to come.

Now shoveling snow is a two person adventure, and we're quite a team. =) Not only did we shovel our own driveway and sidewalk, but we shoveled our neighbor's sidewalks too! While I helped both of our neighbors, it ended up being only the length of one total sidewalk.

Doesn't H look snazzy in his winter gear? Shoveling does make us super sweaty and hot. Later we both took off our coats and hats to cool off.

Of course here's the obligatory snow photo in front of the house. This is our first winter at home, and it couldn't be more perfect.

See how the icicles formed on our neighbor's house? Look at the house next to his or even our house. There are no icicles. Do you know why? H tells me it has to do with how insulated your house is. We put down new insulation as soon as we moved in, and that's why our heat doesn't escape. We checked the back of our house to see if maybe the sun was the culprit for the icicles, and it was not. Yay for our insulated house! Btw, insulating the house was the only project we've done thus far. You could say we're lazy, poor, or just darn smart. You decide.

Here's H's obligatory picture in front of the house with his super awesome shovel. That would be the same shovel we borrowed from my parents about 2 months ago when the first snow storm hit. We really should go out and buy another one.

After finishing the shovel adventure at home, I decided to telephone my daddy to check on his progress. Well there was no progress being made, and I told him we would be there soon. I was on a shoveling high, and I just can't help but to keep shoveling with all the energy I had. Shoveling the sidewalk was super hard. Just imagine the 2 foot of snow that fell plus the additional snow from the roads being dumped on top from the plow. I about died when I reached the sidewalk. It took a while, but I did it with H's help.

I told you there would be another leg/snow shot. The snow was way above my knee in deepness. I was also working with a broken shovel. The bottom part would detach from the pole every know and then, which put my wrist to work. I think I may have sprained it. =( Of course that doesn't stop me from blogging.

Here's the backyard. I shoveled the path in no time, and H was superman back there. He shoveled a wide path to back my dad's car out of the garage area. Even my dad was impressed by how quick he was to get that shoveled. Shoveling back at home reminds me of all the winter storms of the past. I was responsible for shoveling the sidewalk, super wide driveway, and parking lot every winter with my dad. We have a snow blower somewhere in that garage, and we only put it to use maybe twice. Occasionally we would even help our neighbor shovel his driveway too. Good memories.

H and I probably shoveled more than most people did last night. Heck, I think there are still a good number of people who haven't started yet. I guess I wouldn't mind being snowed in for another day or two. Although we technically left the house last night, so that means we're officially snowed out (versus in)? Hehe. Maybe we'll go out and make a snowman today. =D

Oh and we definitely did not follow the Delaware State of Emergency which was in place both times we were on the road this weekend. Oops.