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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eating at Home

One of the true benefits of having your own home is the ability to cook whatever you want to in your own kitchen.  I loved our weekly grocery trips to plan out our meals for the week.  H and I are not the best cooks, but we compliment each other very well.  He used to be the main cook, and I slowly gained some skills in the kitchen.  We're usually both in the kitchen prepping and cooking the meal together.  Sometimes he's in charge of cooking the main dish, and I'll work on the side dish.  Other times I'm there peeling potatoes, while he is cutting up chicken for the curry.  It's teamwork, and we love it.

yummy jap chae (Korean glass noodles) - recipe from Steamy Kitchen

Unfortunately eating at home is less and less common in our household.  The wedding really threw our whole routine for a spin, and only recently has it gotten somewhat back to normal.  Rushing to get a wedding together in a month leaves very little room for taking care of the house or your health.  We found ourselves eating out often and forgetting what was even in our fridge.  Once the routine has been changed, it is really hard to ever go back to how it used to be.  Bummer.

smoked salmon with scallion sushi rolls -- so delicious!!

Now it's even worse.  I'm not able to eat the same foods I was once used to eating.  It's usually easier for me to keep down food at a restaurant than food made at home.  It's pretty sad, and I don't like it one bit.  Since I can never tell how I will react to a certain type of food, I try not to be the cook in the kitchen.  Instead I stick to the role of washing dishes.  A smell will hit me in the cooking process, and I go running upstairs to avoid further contact.  :(

H making some omelet rice

In attempts to get back to our cooking routine, we go to the grocery store and come back to fill our fridge.  Unfortunately that isn't enough motivation to get us going again, and probably half of what we buy goes in the trash by the end of the week.  I wish I knew what we could do to change this, but I am left clueless.

Do you have any advice on how to get us back to our cooking routine?  Have you suddenly stopped an activity and found a way to get back into it?  Should we start planning meals for the week and attempt to follow it?  We would appreciate your suggestions.  Thanks!


animeniac206 said...

Even though this is kinda annoying. I find that it helps me to only stock up on two or at most three days worth of supply. (Unless it's snacks or something that can be in the fridge for a long time). So when I cook I only cook the VERY easy/simple stuff daily. And maybe only one fancy/complicated stuff once a week or once every two weeks.

Example: Daily meal consist of
Rice - daily of course.
Vegetables - sliced cucumber w/soysauce or fish sauce. or a small salad or bakchoy or chinese bocoli (?)
Meat - boiled chicken, beef and ginger or something.
Soup - pasta soup (SO easy to make. chicken stock + manicotti + carrots + onion + daicon or potato + pepper (optional. or make tofu soup/vegetable soup or you can buy one of those packaged seaweed soup which you can keep in the kitchen for a while.

Sometimes even boiling up some of your favorite vegetables and eat with rice can still taste really good.

Then some nights we have fried fish as a special. or pasta night. or once in a while eat out night.

Start simple. Then you'll get into the routine. :)

Yin said...

@animeniac206: Thanks! Those are some great tips, and hopefully H and I can start with simple foods to start out. Now only if I can figure out what to feed a certain picky eater. Hehe.

Lena said...

Buy frozen or canned foods, and only buy fresh produce when you know you're going to use it. Shoprite is having their bi-annual CanCan sale going on right now - 40 cents a can for vegetables, pasta, tomato sauces, chicken stock...I bought like 50 cans! Also, buy meat in bulk and freeze it. Then you can just defrost what you need a day or two before you need it. You don't have to go to the store as often and it's cheaper. BJ's has great chicken that is already pre-packaged breasts and thighs in 3s and 4s, perfect portion size for 2-3 people. Same goes for fish and other long as it's well packaged against freezer burn, they last a couple months at least. Just a couple things I do to always have stuff available to use w/o going to the store. I don't follow a set meal plan b/c my work schedule is so uncertain every week I won't be able to follow one, and Noah doesn't cook haha. There's 3 or 4 meals I make in bulk so we have leftovers for lunches during the week that i make on a rotating schedule so we don't get too tired of it. Sorry, now I'm rambling a bit... Hope this helps =)

Yin said...

@Lena: I shop at Shoprite and Costco for my groceries (tossed in with a little Trader Joe's and Target). In the beginning it was so easy to follow your advice, and I even had scheduled meals for the week. Now we take out meat from the freezer, and it stays in the fridge without budging. I think it has something to do with the people in the kitchen. :(

We'll get together soon and catch up. I have quite a bit to share with you!

animeniac206 said...

I notice that it was hard for me to schedule daily meal for the week too because I keep having different craving everyday.

So in the end you end up just not following what you were planning to cook and just leave the ingredient to rott in the fridge. (which sucks)

Another idea that I got from Lena is that you can buy frozen meals and add some fresh ingredients in there to mix it up.

Ex: buying those wonton bowls at Costco or instant noodles and then when you're hungry or craving for something, you can dice a bit of vegetables in or put in an egg or fresh meat.

They're so simple too!

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