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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Re: Anonymous Comments

One too many anonymous comments have tipped me over the edge. From now on users must log in (via Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, Aim, or OpenID) in order to comment. It's only fair. I don't hide behind an anonymous name, and you shouldn't either. The name of my blog is "Yin Thinks." I even give you my name and share details of my life to complete strangers on the Internet.

Quite honestly, I don't do well with negative remarks. I've never have. For as long as I can remember, I have always tried to please others. I fear being disliked or judged. Even on the road, I am very observant of drivers around me because I don't want to piss them off. It's part of my nature, and negative comments on my blogs will bog me down for days. If you have something not so nice to say, then please think about it first before you say it. I am open to everyone's opinions, but do not rip me apart. I'm a very fragile person. I take everything you say to heart. I can appreciate a good argument every now and then. That's fine. I just don't like it to be taken to a personal level like some previous comments on this blog have.

From day one I wanted this blog to be completely me with no filtering of who I really am. I am here to tell you the good and to tell you the bad. Here's the truth.. no one wants to read the really good stuff or the really bad stuff. People don't want to see a happy Yin, and they don't want to see a sad, depressed Yin.

This house has made me happy, and I'm sorry if I can't hide it sometimes. I never lived in a neighborhood before. This is my first home in a community (a great one in fact). Living on a busy road on top of a restaurant isn't what normal kid experience. I have spent the last two years searching for a place called "home." I lived with Hub's parents for those two years, and I never felt comfortable. I never called it my home. Here we are today in our own nest, and I'm finally home. It's one of the best things that happened to me this year, and I apologize if it's over bearing. I'll refrain from talking about it unless people convince me otherwise.

evidence that I didn't live in a normal house.. see that doggy house on the right? yup, I lived there with my doggy.

I also don't understand why people keep commenting on the house related entries (all 3 of them). No one ever says anything about my "Back to the Motherland" series or my "Looking Back on the Past Year" series. Is there nothing worthy of tearing me apart in those entries? I just don't understand. I work very hard and take hours (yes it takes hours sometimes to put together just one entry) out of my day to blog. Sure, it's purely for my own enjoyment, but I would appreciate it if others would understand that I pour a little bit of me into each entry. When you say something bad, then a little bit of me falls apart and dies inside.

Can you believe I would let a few anonymous comments prevent me from blogging ever again? Well it's true. I intended to start this entry with a simple "I quit." Somehow it transformed into all the words above. I'm not ready to give up. If there's anyone out there supporting me, please say hi. I need to be reassured that not all of my readers want to attack me. Thanks. I'll be returning to the blogging world, but it's going to be a slow process to get back on my feet.


Brittany said...

Hi! (^_^) <- That's me.

I should bring you a house-warming something. If you don't tell me what you want, I'll probably bring something from Woorijip. And apple fritters. Maybe some Tim Horton's coffee that you can make at home.

I totally take like 5 minutes to write blog entries. Maybe 7. Sometimes I just write random stuff, as I'm sure you can tell. Also, I'm lazy about pictures. I'll integrate pictures one day, but they'll probably just be pictures of the cat.

Lynn said...

Don't even waste time with those negative people. Most people that don't have anything nice to say are miserable with their own lives. That old saying "misery loves company". Keep on blogging.

Pennachi said...

I love all of your entries Yin! I support you. It is great to see you so happy!

Jen Chen said...

cheer up, yin!

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