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Monday, November 2, 2009

Losing "Me" Time

It only took me 17 days to get back online and start blogging again. Why has it taken so long? I start writing, and I find myself deleting everything I wrote. It's a bad habit from my Xanga days, and I guess I just can't stop it. I promised not to censor myself on here, and I'll try not to. I haven't been blogging because there are not enough hours in the day to actually sit down and have time to myself. I am constantly being stressed out by life right now. While there are a lot of great things happening (new job, new house, new routine), there's also a lot that goes on in my mind because of it. Changes don't necessarily make life easier.

I lost "me" time in this whole process of change. I started to realize how important it was to have time for myself when I moved in with Hubby. While I would love to spend every waking moment by his side, I also need time to be alone. It's an important component in keeping me sane. This past year was rough. I had to deal with the transition from college to adulthood. It was crappy and not the way I ever imagined it would be. One of the few good things that came out it was plenty of "me" time. Then I started my new job. Within a few weeks Hubby and I bought a house. In came the new, and out went the old. No more time to myself was to be found. In the past month I have not had the opportunity to sit in front of the computer and just catch up on my Google Reader or even write a decent entry on here.

Less time for myself also leads to bad thoughts about everything imaginable. I can turn the smallest problem into the biggest one in my head because I have no outlet for my frustration. I keep it inside. I let it build up, and it's a not a pretty picture.

I guess this just gives me more reason to blog. I apologize for this being a crappy entry, but it is a reminder for me to create time for myself. It is a vital part of my existence, and sometimes I need a good old blog entry to remind me of that.

When was the last time you had "me" time? Stop and take a break from life. You can thank me later. =)


Anonymous said...

I've been having a lot of me time to tell you the truth... a bit too much me time ATM.


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