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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Little Clarification...

Hmm.. I think the main benefit about having a more private blog is the ability to forget that people may be reading and forming their own opinions about you. However, this is not a private blog. It is public, and I love that people actually read what I have to say. Unfortunately, there will always be comments that I might not always like. It's part of putting myself out there.

Let me go back and clarify a few details with the home that Hubby and I bought. I am 23. Hubby is 26. He has been doing one heck of a job paying off all his debt in the last 4.5 years. During settlement our lawyer was mighty impressed by the lack of debt Hubby had (one credit card in the middle of a cycle). I myself also do not have much debt. I have a very small student loan from my last year of college, and that's all the debt in my name. I am a stickler for paying all of my bills on time and in full, no matter what the circumstances. I would like to make it clear that Hubby and I did not accept any charity with the purchase of this home. We have been planning every step of this process and have our finances in place. Because of Hubby's great credit and our ability to put down a decent down payment, we have a super low interest rate and manageable monthly payments for the next 30 years.

I'm sure that we could have stuck with a smaller home in a less desirable area, but that was not in our best interest. We purchased this house as an investment towards our future. It's a place that we will call home for a long time, maybe even forever. From all the houses that we looked at this summer, we are confident that we got the best bang for our buck. The closest house that we had considered was about $20k less, and it was only a ranch home that still needed a lot of work. We would have probably ended up putting over $20k in renovations within the first couple of years to make the space livable. Our house now is in great condition, and we comfortably moved in with no problems. There are some areas that we need to improve on, and we're going to take our time. It's the perfect home for us, and I couldn't be any happier with our purchase. I cannot wait to start a family in this house and raise all of our little kiddos.

I might include an additional post about a few options we had in our house buying process and how we went about narrowing down our location and our needs/wants. I don't want people in the Internet land to make false assumptions about me or Hubby, especially with the purchase of our home. I'm going to be talking about it a lot, and I just want to be comfortable doing it.


Anonymous said...

pictures please!!!!!!


Yin said...

Jen, just drop by the house. It's even better than the pictures.

Brittany said...

Is Jen coming to Thanksgiving dinner? I still think I'm going.

Yin said...

@Brittany - You're going down to Delaware?!?!? If so, let me know. I think my eyes are just tricking me right now b/c I'm in total disbelief.

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