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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Back to the Motherland: Going Back to My Roots, Part II

We last left off at my mother's village visiting my ancestors' graves for the Ching Ming Festival. The next day we were off to my father's village to pay our respects. My dad's village is only a few minutes away from my mother's, and I bet it would only be a short bike ride away. The day started out early like the day before, and we followed many of the same traditions.

There was a community prayer spot where we first brought our offerings before making our way to visit my ancestors' graves. Even though my parent's villages are very close to one another, there are a lot of differences. I spent most of the time taking in the environment around me and observing.

Not all of the graves are marked, and family members have to remember the location of each ancestor. It can get might confusing, especially with so many ancestors buried throughout the village. I have a video of my dad telling me which family member's grave we were visiting, and my mom had to correct him. I think a grave stone would greatly help, but there is some family drama over that idea.

Then I met this cute little kiddo. He just so happens to be related to me, and we hit it off right away. He was enamored by my camera, and we became instant buddies. I would wave to him, and he would wave back. He would smile at my camera, and he instantly made my day.

He has to be the most photogenic kid I've ever met. He loved posing for the camera and was amazed to see himself on the camera screen. His burst of laughter filled my tiny heart with happiness.

I was pretty much addicted to taking pictures of us together. I had to prove that we actually interacted, right? I love the bottom right picture. I'm trying to teach him how to use the peace sign since it's such an Asian thing to do that in photos. He struggled and just kept putting up random fingers. He is just too adorable.

Here he is with his dad, and I could tell he's a daddy's boy. He was such a trooper going around with us. We walked a lot that day, and he kept up until the very end.

I got made fun of for taking this picture of the cattle. This is part of everyday life for them, but it's not very normal for me.

After a full day of weaving through fields of crops and muddy tracks to get to my ancestors' graves, it was time to unwind. We feasted on the freshly roasted pig and enjoyed the fatty meat.

The wall of my dad's house is filled with old photographs. Some are faded with water damage and others are new from recent weddings in the family. I wish there was a way that I could restore those damaged photos. I'm sure they are filled with great memories and capture the faces of many of my relatives.

Even though I don't have many photos to show for the day, I did capture a lot of videos of my experience. I may post them later and add them to my posts. My dad was very proud of me for coming with them and for experiencing this for the first time. I'm one of the first to visit my parent's homes and my ancestors as well. It made me feel connected to my roots, and I knew this would not be my last time back.

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Brittany said...

I really want some of that log pig. We should have that for Thanksgiving. Just sayin....

Yin said...

@Brittany: Did you enjoy the log pig at the wedding? Hehe.

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