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Friday, November 13, 2009

5 Weeks

It's been 5 weeks since we sealed the deal and moved into our very own house. What have we done in the past 5 weeks?
  • sweep, sweep, sweep.. I love sweeping hardwood floors!
  • cooking very healthy dinners & eating a lot of rice
  • 6 loads of laundry (3 darks, 3 lights)
  • celebrated our first Halloween with decorations, super awesome pumpkins, and too much candy for the trick-or-treaters (most of whom melted in the rain)
  • cleared out half of our garage and currently parking inside
  • raked our leaves twice and left them out on the street
  • two neighbors cooked/baked us yummy foodies
  • recycle like no other.. our recycling trash can is bigger than our actual trash
  • painted the inside of one of our cabinets & finally have food inside of them - original location was above our washer, dryer, & dish washer...
  • finishing up insulating our attic - thanks to hubs and FFIL
  • unpacking and organizing my very own craft room
  • homemade chicken noodle soup is sooooo yummy - I've got skillz
  • unpacked my clothes & claimed my half of the closet.. hubs is still living out of boxes
  • replaced all of our light bulbs with energy efficient ones or lower watts & less bulbs
  • made one too many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot
  • opened our first joint bank account & now owners of yellow checks with both of our names on them
The past month has been super busy for Hubby and I, and I wonder when life will calm down a bit. We're constantly jumping from one project to the next. Even cleaning the toilets is a project.. we have 3!! Oh and we're hosting Thanksgiving at our house. Yup that gobble, gobble, turkey holiday is going to be celebrated in our house, and we'll be in a rush to clean up for the big day. Don't forget the cooking of the turkey and all of the turkey fixings. Yeah it's going to be an adventure, especially in our small kitchen with barely enough counter top space.

Life is treating the both of us very well, and we couldn't be any happier with our first home. I am hoping that life will start to calm down a bit (less sweeping, more blogging) so that I can actually blog about our house adventure.

Since I have readers, I might as well pose a question. A few weeks ago my sisters came over for brunch, and one of them said that she could not imagine owning her first home at such a young age. She was probably 30 when she bought her first home, and I'm only 23. Is 23 a young age to own your first home? Facebook tells me a few of my "friends" are proud homeowners themselves, and I'm not alone. Plus Hubby is a few years older than 23. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Can you mail me some candy?

Yin said...

Yes, I will include it in your package. That package may take a few more weeks to arrive... =).

Come and visit me soon! Don't forget me. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

With the earrings?!?

Anonymous said...

Is 23 a young age to own your first home? It depends - if you purchased it on your own with no financial help it is young age. However, if you accept financal help from someone then it is not a young age to own a home because most people are not lucky enough to accept charity.

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question: Is 23 a young age to own your first home? No. It's not a young age. People have different goals and dreams in life. If your goal in life is finding a lifelong partner, being able to afford a house, and doing house work, then Yin I think you have done an exceptional job. However, in these days, majority of people in their 20s are pursuing higher degrees, eg. masters, phDs, MBAs, professional schools (accountants, lawyers, doctors), on. Why you asked? Because very few people these days want to just be a college graduate and getting college graduate jobs. Thus, delaying their goals of owning their first house and settling down in hope of accomplishing the same goals but perhaps on a higher level.

Of course there are exceptions. There are those who came from an extremely wealthy family own their house at a young age and those who have wealthy family/friends that support them financially with their new house.
Similarly, there are high school graduates who bags grocery for living have bought their own house/home with their salary.

So, Yin: Love what you have done with your blog, nice design, layout. Strong work. But sorry to have to burst your bubble. Your question: Is 23 a young age to own your first home? was a rhetorical question. I think you know it. Unfortunately, a public blogspot isn't the greatest place to have your ego/pride stroked. But happy for you. Congrats to you and your hub on your new house.

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