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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Looking Back on the Past Year: Finding Work

Previously I...
  • graduated with a business degree
  • spend the first couple of months searching for a job in HR
  • summer came to an end and I was desperate
Now I am employed...

After months of dead ends, I finally struck gold (or so I thought). I got a job at a law firm in Wilmington, but it wasn't glamorous. They called me one morning, asked to see me the next day, and I went to work right away. No real interview needed. They were desperate, and I was too. Oddly enough I had three other companies get back to me within 24 hours of accepting the position. I straight up told my boss (who was located in Philadelphia.. odd, I know) that this would be temporary for me. I had another interview lined up, and it was a good one. She was okay with all of this, and that didn't seem right.

The position at the law firm had a very high turn over rate. The person training me had only worked there for a mere week. She barely even knew what she was doing herself, and with my boss being all the way in Philadelphia, there was no one to really give me any direction. I was trained for 1.5 days. The lawyers were damn right mean. The secretaries were scary too. It took me a while to get adjusted and actually figure out what the heck I was supposed to be doing. I felt miserable filing paperwork all day long without anyone explaining to me what was going on. After a week of taking the bus everyday to the city and back home, I was ready to quit. My boss emailed me and asked me for my opinion of the position and what they could do to accommodate me. Well they had already given me a raise (after working for 2 full days), and they couldn't possibly change how miserable I felt everyday. So in the end there was nothing they could do to keep me. I was nice and told them that I would stay until they found someone to replace me and also train them.

After working for three weeks the job from hell was finally coming to an end. I had a successful interview with a company in Pennsylvania (very intense & I had to give a presentation), and I was hopeful for an invitation of employment. My last day at the law firm was actually a somewhat sad day. The place grew on me. The secretaries actually liked me. The lawyers even found that I was helpful and organized. Right before I left the secretaries told me how great of a job I had done there. I was the best worker in that position for over the past two years. That made me happy. It also made me realize that I was too good for the job. There were more opportunities for me, and I left feeling very optimistic about the future.

Unfortunately I was the only one feeling happy and optimistic. Hubby was upset that I had quit. I told him numerous times that I was miserable and that I would leave. I just made it official without consulting him first since I thought we had already discussed this. I thought he would stand by my decision, but I was wrong. To this day I feel bad. I know that I made the right decision. I know that it would have led me no where. I'm just glad that I only spend three weeks there and not more.

I was unemployed again, back on the market in a spiraling economy. I was hopeful. I was not hopeful when I graduated, and for the first time I had that bit of hope and confidence. I knew that it would get me far. It was exactly what I needed to head towards the right direction. Or was it?

Looking Back on the Past Year: The Beginning


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