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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tired & Restless w/ a Dash of a Medical Mystery

It's currently 4:07 AM. I have been tossing and turning in bed for the past 4 hours. What can I do this early in the morning? Blog. =)

Why am I still awake? Stupid leg pains. I've had them since I was a little kid, and the doctor always told me that they were growing pains. I remember having to endure them through the night, and I would always cry to my dad. He would massage my leg in a chopping motion, and I would always feel much better. It was temporary relief, but somehow it worked. Then I was all grown up with no more growing left in me, and I still experienced the awful pain. It always comes at night, and there's about a 75% chance that the pain will be in the right leg (tonight it's in both). Some nights I cry because the pain is so unbearable. Other times I just toss and turn.

a sign that I'm still growing? nope.. just outgrowing a little kiddie Jeep

My dad is no longer in the next room and ready to massage my leg when I come knocking. Instead I have Hubby. In the beginning of the relationship I remember calling him during one of my painful nights. He came over and comforted me the best he could. He was so sweet. Fast forward to the present. Hubby is sleepy and groggy. 9 out of 10 times he will ignore me, even when I'm crying in pain right next to him.

With no one physically there to help ease the pain, what do I do? Some nights when I can feel the pain coming I will take 2 ibuprofen pills before attempting to sleep. The pain never does go away, but it will help me sleep peacefully about 25% of the time. I took 2 pills before going to bed tonight, and I didn't feel any better.

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. No one else in my family has this problem that I know of. I think I'll play Internet doctor for a day and see what diagnosis I can come up with.

On a somewhat related side note, I experienced one of my sugar low spells today/yesterday. All signs point to me being hypoglycemic. At least I know it runs in the family with my dad and oldest sister. I just need to be more prepared and always have something sugary with me at all times.

water ice has a lot of sugar, right? it's quite a refreshing way to recover my sugar levels on a hot summer day

Time to do some research and diagnose my medical mystery. Maybe I'll be able to sleep after I finish my Internet research.

[edit] 6:02 AM - still no luck on the sleeping front.. =(


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