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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kids Weekend

This past weekend there was a family get together at the house. It was a tad unexpected, but it was nice to see everyone again. I probably enjoy it more than Hubby does. Growing up I didn't see my extended family much since everyone lived in different parts of the globe. It got to the point where I was lucky to even see all of my sisters and parents in one room. When I'm around Hubby's big family, I feel like I'm catching up on experiences I missed out on as a kid.

As usual, I tend to stick around the kids more than those my age or the real adults. Sometimes I don't even try to go near them. They just gravitate towards me. I guess I have a special kid magnet inside me or something weird.

Let me introduce Kimmy:

Photo Credit: Hubby (KismetSky)

She is Hubby's first cousin once removed (or I just consider them uncle and niece), and she is a super cute little girl. Kimmy has what I call super duper memory powers. Kids at this age seem to remember everything, even the smallest details. I first noticed it in my sister around that age, and I could ask her where something was and she would immediately remember the location. Kimmy came upstairs into our room and immediately pointed out all of the toys we played with the last time she was here. I had reorganized some items, but she was able to spot them right away. She even noticed that my glasses were missing from my face and asked where they were. Seeing how we're both kids, we bonded right away.

Since I'm a kid and love crafts, I just had to mix the two together. I recently bought Martha Stewart paper bag puppet kit from Michael's (50% off!!), and this was the perfect occasion to bring them out.

I thought it would be an easy craft project for the kids, especially since it did not require much organizing on my part of materials and such. Each animal kit contained a super small paper bag with various animal parts to attach. The kids just had to peel the sticker and attach it to the bag. Simple, right? Not so much.. these were a pain in the butt. The animal parts fell off after a couple of minutes, and we needed double sided tape to save the day. The bags were way too small for actual hand movement inside the puppets (even for super tiny hands), and it caused more damage to the poor little animals. This would have to be a craft project failure in my book. I just hope that the kids had a little bit of fun.

final assembly of the puppets

Kimmy shows off her froggy puppet

Hai-Linh proudly displays her ballerina pig named Piglet

and she takes the opportunity to pose with baby Christina (the one kid who isn't so fond of me)

Since our craft project wasn't that successful, we left it alone and focused on girl time. Kimmy was our hair dresser (and later our make up artist) and made us girls look fabulous.

It was a tiring day, but it was also a good day. I miss playing with kids my age (you know.. the inner kid in me). It's nice to be able to relax and think about the simple things in life.. like how to put together Mr. Potato Head. Hehe.


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