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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Learning to Keep My Opinions to Myself

Cliff Note version of my family...
  • 2 parents (age 78 & 60), 4 sisters (36, 34, 32, 14)
  • parents: strict, traditional, asian
  • sisters: twinkies, annoying, at least a 9 year age difference (both ways)
  • my relationship with parents: not great, got worse (bad enough that I "ran" away from home and moved out), now better
  • my relationship with sisters: older ones hated me, younger one liked me (I practically raised her as my own), now no one really likes me anymore.. I don't have a relationship with any of them

I fit into the category of the messed up family. Nothing quite functions properly, and we don't get along all too well. Having 5 girls under one roof (more like 3-4 at a time) created drama left and right. I was born and bred into this world of drama, tattling, and gossiping. Usually I was the victim of all bad things said. Sometimes I would be part of the drama, the fighting, and all ugly stuff. It was far from glamorous.

I think that my experience with my sisters has created me to be more opinionated, and I probably create drama because I'm bred to do so. It's not a great trait to carry with me, and sometimes I just can't help it.

Then there's Hubby's family. Less drama (way less). More family get togethers. People just get along with one another. It's pretty much the complete opposite of my immediate family. Even when stuff happens, the degree of severeness is dropped down about 10 notches. While everyone stays calm, I find myself creating drama in my own little world. Hubby tells me to stop it. It's just not worth talking about. I can't help but to think about it.

So you know how life isn't always fair, right? Growing up with 4 sisters meant that I was constantly comparing my life to theirs. Someone always got the short end of the stick. I always thought it was me. My sisters always thought it was them. When someone gets away with something, there is sure to be one sister to point it out to my parents.

Here I am finding myself in the same position, except it's not my sisters anymore. Therefore, I don't need to create any drama, right? Okay I try not to. I just can't restrain myself from having opinions and voicing them at any given time. I'm thinking that's a bad thing. I need to learn how to step away and let things be. Most of the time (probably 90%) it doesn't have any effect on me whatsoever. Better reason to just let it go? Yeah.

Goal: Learn to keep my opinions to myself...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Blogging: My Story

Inspired by "A Bee's Life" from Weddingbee, I thought I would give you guys some more details about how I got into the whole blogging business and why I absolutely love it. It also doesn't hurt that I just watched Julie & Julia on Wednesday night either. Hehe.

My Story:
I pretty much started blogging as soon as I was connected to the world wide web. It was my junior year of high school. My first assignment was to research everything on this list that my teacher provided. Luckily my parents had just connected us to the world with slow dial up AOL earlier that month. Here I am doing my homework like a good kid, and I came across the word "blog." What was this thing? Sounded like a bug to me. I did some research, and the first result was Blogger! I may not have fully understood blogs at the time, but I decided to give it a shot and create one of my own. Thank you Mr. Doody for introducing me to one of the loves of my life. =)

My progression started with a very simple Blogger account. I then did what all the cool kids were doing and joined the xanga bandwagon. In high school everyone was separated into the xanga group and livejournal group. I did both, but I mainly blogged on xanga. It was an outlet for a crazy kid like me to write down daily thoughts. Sometimes I would be so worried about what all of my friends thought about my entries. Then there were times where I just needed to vent, and so I did. Boy was that a huge mistake on my part. As time went by, I joined other blogs hoping to create something more original, more Yin (and of course to avoid the drama). I kept going back to xanga, and it would only create more problems for me.

About 2 years ago, I focused less on my own blogging. I was more fascinated with what other people had to say. I found that blogging could be much more than a place to write your daily thoughts. It could also be a place to write about the passions you have in life, whether it be cooking, traveling, crafts, photography, or even fashion. There was a place for everyone to belong and share their experiences. I can honestly say that blogs have inspired me and made me into a very different person than I was 2 years ago. All of a sudden I was inspired to cook. I was inspired to bring out the inner craft side of me. I was inspired by other brides, and they transformed every misconception I ever had about weddings. I was BLOWN away!

always keeping busy with my Google Reader

I was also inspired to start fresh again. I wanted to get back that spark I had from blogging 7 years ago, but I wanted it to be original. I wanted to be me without having to hide anything. So I threw away my past, my troubles. I created something new, something I completely love. I am living in the present. I am real. I have my good days, and I have my bad days. I feel that spark again. Although I don't have too many readers, I want to give back to the blogging community. I have been inspired my so many bloggers out there, and I want to contribute in every small way that I can. Maybe someone will stumble across one of my entries, and have that "wow" moment that I have had with so many amazing blogs. If not, at least I can give you a guys a taste of my life.

blogging.. what I do best =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Adjusting to a New Schedule

I spent my final week of freedom on vacation in Canada with Hubby's family. Now I'm adjusting to a big change in my schedule, and it's taking some time to get situated. I am now a happily employed gal who no longer has the time to blog, craft, and edit pictures all day long. It saddens me to have to learn time management to keep everything under control. I know that this is just the beginning, and it will take some time to adjust. I will eventually find the right balance between work, blogging, and Hubby time. =)

Being on vacation with 15 other amazing people means no blog time for Yin.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to the Motherland: Arriving in Hong Kong

After landing in Hong Kong, I was relieved to be off the plane. We went through immigration where I had my passport stamped for the first time after waiting in a long line with my dad. My mom has dual citizenship, and she easily walked right through with her residency card. Afterward we got our luggage and went to the hotel to get situated and checked in.

During our stay in Hong Kong my parents lived the life of the rich and somewhat famous by staying in 4-5 star hotels. Since there were the 3 of us, we had to get two separate rooms for around the same cost of getting one big room with two full sized beds. Don't get the impression that my parents are anywhere near rich or somewhat famous. We had the hook up from my sister with her awesome, extremely discounted hotel rates. For the first three days we stayed at the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott located somewhat further from main attractions.

desk, tv, full size bed, very big window view, luggage rack, and bar

bathroom sink and bathroom sliding door

shower stall and the oh so normal toilet with flushing button on the top

bar area with glasses, cups, ice bucket, and electric water kettle
back of my bathroom facing the side of the bed
nice closet with hangars, safe box, and drawers

I was beyond impressed with the hotel, especially at the extremely cheap price we were paying for two rooms. This was definitely much needed after a 16 hour flight. I slept like a baby in that bed, and I enjoyed watching Discover Channel Asia every night before snoozing. The bathroom was so clean and perfect. As I mentioned earlier, this hotel is located somewhat far from main attractions. My dad says that they most likely tore down a few apartments to build the very new hotel. It's not common to have such nice amenities in older hotels, which I later found out. I enjoyed my hotel stay while it lasted.

check out the view from my window! okay, it's not so pleasant, but I can see people at 7-Eleven crossing the street.

No more talk about hotel rooms.. now onto the food!! Since my parents were not so familiar with the area, we walked around in hopes of finding a good place to eat. It was probably around 8:00 PM, and most places look kind of shady at night time. After walking around for about 15 minutes my mom settled with a small eat in restaurant. We sat on stools at a small table in the cramped space and enjoyed our meal...

breaded fish with tofu and vegetables in a clay pot.. yummm!

pork with chives and peppers.. oh my gosh delicious.. drooling just thinking about it!!

With a full tummy of yummy food, we were ready to go back to our hotel room across the street and call it a night. My parents and I were both tired from our exhausting flight. I passed out as soon as I hit the bed. I had to get my beauty rest to prepare for the next morning full of activities and quite an adventure.

Stay tuned for my first full day in Hong Kong!!

Hotel Information:
Courtyard by Marriott
167 Connaught Road West
Hong Kong, China
Phone: 852 3717 8888
Fax: 852 3717 8228
Sales: 852 3717 8883

Back to the Motherland: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Defeated No More?

Two jobs in two days? Yes, I am back to the old Yin who will continue her ambition to rule the world one step at a time.

future ruler of the world! mauhahahaha!

Goodbye evil corporation. Hello, new job! Special shout out to Anthony.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I spent this morning getting myself a job. It's not a pleasant one. It's the same one I didn't want to apply to a few entries back. I feel defeated. What happened to the Yin who was going to rule the world (look to the right at my welcome post-it note at my ambition)? Sigh.

Here's the break down:

  • money: I get paid (not much)
  • temporary: 3-4 months
  • hours: 2nd shift, mon - thurs from 3:00PM - 11:30PM, sun 7:00AM - 5:30PM
  • monotonous work: processing rebate claims for a government program nonstop with 100+ other workers each shift
  • temporary : 3-4 months
  • way overqualified & underpaid (had to negotiate to get a whole $1 more an hour)
  • feeling of being defeated
  • won't see Hubby 4 days out of the week
  • it'll make me feel miserable
  • no health insurance since it's temporary (somewhat of a pro for me b/c that's less $ for them to take away from my paycheck)
I'm the type of person who doesn't value money too much. Maybe that's why I'm not eager to find just any old job. I value my pride more. I value my education. I value my experience. I am a hard worker, and a damn good one too. This is why it kind of hurts to be defeated. I have no choice but to give in. I don't want the money. This experience is not going to help my resume. I was a freaking assistant property manager for 3 rental homes. That sounds a heck of a lot better, and I was responsible for so much. I feel like crying.

What's the worst part about today? The interviewer offered me the position and gave me the bare minimum hourly wage. I was informed by the recruiter over the phone that it would be between x and z. He said that with my experience I should be able to get closer to z. She gave me x. The interviewer insulted me. I had to negotiate. She gave me some bologna answer and went back to see what she could do. I did get a whole $1 more than she offered at first. I just decided to take it. My college education and business background mean nothing? I was steamed.

If I feel so crappy and defeated, then why am I taking this job? I just have to. Everyone expects me to. I don't want to make others upset. I just have to sell my soul to an evil corporation and have every part of me ripped apart. Sigh.

Since I'll be in Canada next week and start working after I come back, I can't promise to keep up with my blogging habits. Even though it's one of the things that makes me happy, I have to give up a large chunk of happiness to live the so called American dream of being employed. =(

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tired & Restless w/ a Dash of a Medical Mystery

It's currently 4:07 AM. I have been tossing and turning in bed for the past 4 hours. What can I do this early in the morning? Blog. =)

Why am I still awake? Stupid leg pains. I've had them since I was a little kid, and the doctor always told me that they were growing pains. I remember having to endure them through the night, and I would always cry to my dad. He would massage my leg in a chopping motion, and I would always feel much better. It was temporary relief, but somehow it worked. Then I was all grown up with no more growing left in me, and I still experienced the awful pain. It always comes at night, and there's about a 75% chance that the pain will be in the right leg (tonight it's in both). Some nights I cry because the pain is so unbearable. Other times I just toss and turn.

a sign that I'm still growing? nope.. just outgrowing a little kiddie Jeep

My dad is no longer in the next room and ready to massage my leg when I come knocking. Instead I have Hubby. In the beginning of the relationship I remember calling him during one of my painful nights. He came over and comforted me the best he could. He was so sweet. Fast forward to the present. Hubby is sleepy and groggy. 9 out of 10 times he will ignore me, even when I'm crying in pain right next to him.

With no one physically there to help ease the pain, what do I do? Some nights when I can feel the pain coming I will take 2 ibuprofen pills before attempting to sleep. The pain never does go away, but it will help me sleep peacefully about 25% of the time. I took 2 pills before going to bed tonight, and I didn't feel any better.

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. No one else in my family has this problem that I know of. I think I'll play Internet doctor for a day and see what diagnosis I can come up with.

On a somewhat related side note, I experienced one of my sugar low spells today/yesterday. All signs point to me being hypoglycemic. At least I know it runs in the family with my dad and oldest sister. I just need to be more prepared and always have something sugary with me at all times.

water ice has a lot of sugar, right? it's quite a refreshing way to recover my sugar levels on a hot summer day

Time to do some research and diagnose my medical mystery. Maybe I'll be able to sleep after I finish my Internet research.

[edit] 6:02 AM - still no luck on the sleeping front.. =(

Friday, August 7, 2009

Having a Bad Day

There are some good days, and then there are some bad days in life. I had a bad day yesterday. It was supposed to be a good one too. I hate it when life kicks me in the butt. I'll try to get rid of the "kick me" sign on my back.. now I just need to reach it. Let me explain what happened.

This story goes back to earlier this week when Hubby's aunt told him that there was a position available at her company. It's similar work to his first real job, which wasn't all that great. Hours are horrible. Pay is decent but not that great. It's a very dull job. My first reaction was no. I did not want to subject myself to that process. I don't want to feel miserable at a job that I hate. As much as I hate to say it, I'm better than that.

Okay let me step back a bit. When I was looking for jobs I was open to everything and anything, even if it didn't involve my business degree. I applied for positions that I was over qualified for, and by over qualified, I mean way over qualified. I still submitted my resume and went to the interviews. I got rejected. Those rejections hurt just as much as the rejections to the jobs I desperately wanted. Maybe they hurt more. I felt like I went to college for 4 years for no reason.

Back to the story... I think the biggest problem about this situation is that I know that I will be rejected. Why wouldn't I be? This is not the first position that I have been referred to by a family member or friend. Sometimes they say it's not what you know but who you know. Well I know people, and I still couldn't get through the door. I'm tired of rejection, and I think rejection from this job would be worse than the others. It would mean that I'm a failure in the eyes of those who care about me. *cues tears* I'm just not ready for that kind of rejection and failure.

Now fast forward to yesterday. Hubby's dad asked if I had handed my resume to Bac Trang. I said no. I left everything up to Hubby because I didn't want to be apart of it. Then I just felt bad. I knew there was now no way to avoid it. I couldn't upset his dad. Hubby had everything ready to give to his aunt without my help. I guess that's where the second problem lies. He printed it on regular white printer paper. He messed with the format of both my cover letter and resume, omitting critical components of both documents. While his intentions were good, I was furious. I took it as a blow to the face. He didn't think that my original content and format was good enough. These are the same documents that we approved by my English professor and a professional who specialized in resumes. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I do know that my cover letter and resume are solid. I know the exact format of both, and I took a class on professional business writing. It hurt.

That pretty much killed the evening. It was a bad day that was only going to get worse. I felt like I had no control of improving the day. I was already kicked in the butt, and how many more times would I have to fall before I just lose it? It was one of the worse days I've experienced in quite some time. I was upset, mad, frustrated, and sad. I wanted to feel better, but I could not control my feelings. I felt like I was slipping into a depressive state. I will not deny that I am "depressed." Fortunately, I am able to put some of my troubles aside and focus my energy on the better things in life. I fall into my depressive states only when I have to face my problems. Sigh.

It didn't get much better today. Since I do not want to get in trouble with Hubby's dad, I went ahead and created a cover letter and resume for the unspecified position to make everyone happy. I sent it to Hubby to review and print. He pretty much nit picked the whole thing, down to the tiniest details. Most of my resume details were actually perfected by Hubby himself over a year ago, and he went back to fix something that was not broken in the first place. It was frustrating. I felt attacked and finally defeated.

I wish that my anger, frustration, and sadness will subside. I don't want to focus on my problems. I just want to go on with normal programming. Is that too much to ask for?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hubby and I had a fabulous evening with our friends Lam and Anita. I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak of some of the amazing photos taken tonight. Since I spent so much time editing, I might as well tease you guys with a photo or two. Hehe.

photo credit: lamakachop

photo credit: hubby

*click the photos to enlarge!

Back to the Motherland: Leaving on a Jet Plane

This will be the start of my recap series, and I hope you guys will enjoy it. There might be a lot of words written, but I promise to provide a lot of pictures too!

This journey all started in the beginning of March. I was on the look out for a job with no luck. I had an interview that kept me hopeful, but with the current economy, they had a hard time getting the green light to actually hire. I had waited almost a month with no response. Oddly enough this opened up a great once in a lifetime opportunity to travel back to the motherland with my parents. It was a difficult decision at first. I didn't want to leave Hubby behind for 5 weeks, and I didn't exactly want to spend that time with my mother either. I don't have a good relationship with her, and I have to be patient or else it gets ugly. It had also been two years since I moved out of my parents house, and there was a good reason why I left. Would I be able to spend 5 whole weeks with them? In the end I had to take my chances. It was just one of those opportunities that I had to take, and I'm glad that I did.

beautiful view of the city skyline from Continental's gate at the Newark Airport

This would be my first trip flying outside of the States, and I was a nervous wreck to say the least. I am not a fan of long flights. Short flights even make me feel uneasy, and I find myself always asking, "Are we there yet?" How was I going to keep myself busy for 16 whole hours? That's practically a whole day of being on a plane. Plus the last two flights have been with Hubby, and he would be absent for this trip. The thought of not being with him made me sad.

Once I stepped on the plane, I felt uneasy. I was taken out of my comfort zone. The seating was last minute since my travel agent didn't actually assign me a seat. I was able to sit near my parents, and luckily I was one row in front of them. The man who sat next to my parents noticed that we were together and offered his seat to me. As generous as that was, I was not a happy camper. Sitting next to my mom for the next 16 hours did not sound like much fun. Luckily the flight attendants came by and made sure that everyone was seated comfortably with 2 people sitting in each row of 3. Oddly enough I was put back to my original seat on the plane, and life was dandy again.

The hours crept by slowly, and I kept looking at the time in hopes of it speeding up.. like pressing forward on a remote control. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky. What's the best form of entertainment? Taking pictures* of myself in the small bathroom of course!

Continental did provide in flight entertainment with the screen seen above. Being totally inexperienced and never having been on an international flight, I was clueless and had no idea how to use the entertainment systems. I even asked my parents who are experienced passengers, and my dad told me to plug in my headset. I tried with no luck. Little did I know that I was plugging my headphones in the wrong jack. Both of my arm rests had an input, and I did not notice the other one. D'oh!

As everyone was having a great time watching movies on the screen, it failed without much warning. Now everyone would be just like me without the entertainment system. I love how it is run by Linux. The flight attendants had to restart the program twice before it started working again. If it did not work the final time, they had planned on turning off the system for the remainder of the flight.

I finally figured out how to use the entertainment system soon after it started working again. I do regret spending so many hours completely clueless. It was now time to catch up! With little sleep the night before my flight, I was hoping to sleep through most of my flight. Back at home I watch "I Love Lucy" every night, and it lulls me to sleep. I was super happy to see the show available and even hoping that it would do the trick to make me pass out like a baby. Unfortunately that didn't work.

I played around some more and enjoyed a few episodes of the "Simpsons" and some newly released movies. I struggled to keep myself entertained for 16 hours. I had problems using my laptop and plugging into the electrical outlets. The ones in my row failed, and the flight attendants were befuddled. Luckily I was able to use the outlet behind me in my parent's row. That is where I first started typing about my not so pleasant plan adventure.

Let me take a break and talk about food. I love food, and I was actually looking forward to my airplane food. Odd, right? I even saved the menus from both of my flights and photographed all of my meals. Hehe. To the left, I had a normal salad with a piece of smoked salmon (yumm). That was accompanied by steak with peppers and mushrooms and rice. The sound of steak enticed me, but unfortunately it was a failure in my book.

I was not so fortunate with my piece of steak. I was only able to eat about 1/4 of the piece because it was mainly chewy and full of tendons. I was so upset and had hoped for a better meal. My parents didn't have the same problem as I did. Dinner was served around 4:30 PM. I wasn't so sure that this tiny meal would last me throughout the night until breakfast.

Luckily there was a snack served at night, and it was much more filling than the previous meal. Pierre's "hand made sandwich" hit the spot. I also enjoyed the yummy ice cream for dessert.

The sandwich looks very normal and not so appetizing, but trust me, it was good. After eating a failure of a meal, most foods taste pretty delicious.

Breakfast was served early in the morning, about an hour and a half before landing in Hong Kong. I was excited for my "Dim Sum" breakfast, but I was disappointed by their version of dim sum. It consisted of one roast pork bun with one sui mai, and one bok choy leaf on top of lo mein noodles. Ick. There was also fresh fruit served along side, and I enjoyed the fruit more than the meal.

Just check out that roast pork bun. It looks like minced up mystery meat in a boa. I always take on a challenge, even when it comes to food. This challenge was not so pleasant, and I could not take more than a few bites.

Overall my flight experience was not that great. I missed Hubby, and I felt like I was alone trying to entertain myself the whole time. I was also an idiot for wearing my sneakers during most of the flight and had circulation problems, which caused intense pain. I couldn't figure out how to solve the problem until the early morning when I finally took off my shoes. Then I was afraid to use the bathroom because I fear going into small cramped up bathrooms in the airplane. I think during the entire 16 hour flight I only went in once... maybe twice if I think hard enough to create that memory in my head. Also sleeping wasn't on my to do list on the flight, and I probably only slept for 2-3 hours combined. Once we landed in Hong Kong, I was eager to get off the plane and finally get situated in the city. I had conquered my first challenge, and I was ready for the real adventure to begin. Little did I know what was in store for me. Stay tuned for the next chapter!

*As you can see in the picture, I brought with me my Sony w50. It's about 3 years old, and I didn't have to worry about it being lost or stolen (bonus!!). It was a great camera for this trip, and I am happy with my pictures. I did some editing in Lightroom to jazz up the photos a bit.

** I had a lot of free time on my trip, and I spent most of it writing a letter to Hubby. It's a 101 page letter typed in Microsoft Word using font Times New Roman, size 11, single spaced. Call my crazy. I'm just glad I was able to record my experience in real time, and it acted more like a journal for me. I'll be including excerpts of it in my entries to give you a better experience of my adventure.

I am currently on the plane. I would be writing this letter the old fashioned way, but typing seems to be easier and faster for me. I am pleasantly surprised by the accommodations on this airplane. There are two outlets for every three seats, and that comes in handy when playing around with the laptop.

The technology on this plane does not want to cooperate with me. I’ve had troubles getting the outlet to function. There’s a green light to indicate that it’s working. When I plug in the laptop, the light disappears, and subsequently there is no electricity running. I asked the flight attendant, and she was puzzled. She asked another flight attendant. They have never heard of that happening. I tried using the other outlet in my row, and again the same problem occurred. I planned on trying back again to see if luck was on my side. My parents asked if I got it running. I told them no. I tried using their outlet, and of course it works. Grr.


*In your face, entertainment screen* Yes, that piece of technology decided to go bloop. Now everyone must suffer with me. I wonder when I’ll have to go pee. I’m trying to get myself to watch Bolt, but I’m having a hard time paying attention and not being interrupted by food.

2:33 AM – I feel so miserable right now. My knees hurt like no other right now. It’s one of the worst pains yet, but I have to be a trooper. I have five more hours of pain to bear. I’ve spend the past three hours trying to stay asleep. I wake up every 30 minutes to an hour, and I get disappointed each time I see the local time of origin. I wish time could speed up already. This is the worst sleep ever. I don’t even think you can call it sleep or even a nap. It just sucks. I don’t understand how I’m the only one complaining. I can picture you in my head telling me to take some Advil. I only wish I could take your advice. Too bad it’s in my main suitcase. Stupid me. I’m afraid that the pain will be too much for me to take, and I won’t get through the next five hours. I’m scared that it’s going to make me scream in pain or pass out from the pain. I need you to comfort me.

I expected to get more sleep out of this flight. I also expect the plane to go faster. I guess 556 mph is pretty fast. It’s weird how we fly in a n shape above Canada and through Russia. We’re flying above China now. I thought it would be more convenient to fly straight across the US and the Pacific.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kids Weekend

This past weekend there was a family get together at the house. It was a tad unexpected, but it was nice to see everyone again. I probably enjoy it more than Hubby does. Growing up I didn't see my extended family much since everyone lived in different parts of the globe. It got to the point where I was lucky to even see all of my sisters and parents in one room. When I'm around Hubby's big family, I feel like I'm catching up on experiences I missed out on as a kid.

As usual, I tend to stick around the kids more than those my age or the real adults. Sometimes I don't even try to go near them. They just gravitate towards me. I guess I have a special kid magnet inside me or something weird.

Let me introduce Kimmy:

Photo Credit: Hubby (KismetSky)

She is Hubby's first cousin once removed (or I just consider them uncle and niece), and she is a super cute little girl. Kimmy has what I call super duper memory powers. Kids at this age seem to remember everything, even the smallest details. I first noticed it in my sister around that age, and I could ask her where something was and she would immediately remember the location. Kimmy came upstairs into our room and immediately pointed out all of the toys we played with the last time she was here. I had reorganized some items, but she was able to spot them right away. She even noticed that my glasses were missing from my face and asked where they were. Seeing how we're both kids, we bonded right away.

Since I'm a kid and love crafts, I just had to mix the two together. I recently bought Martha Stewart paper bag puppet kit from Michael's (50% off!!), and this was the perfect occasion to bring them out.

I thought it would be an easy craft project for the kids, especially since it did not require much organizing on my part of materials and such. Each animal kit contained a super small paper bag with various animal parts to attach. The kids just had to peel the sticker and attach it to the bag. Simple, right? Not so much.. these were a pain in the butt. The animal parts fell off after a couple of minutes, and we needed double sided tape to save the day. The bags were way too small for actual hand movement inside the puppets (even for super tiny hands), and it caused more damage to the poor little animals. This would have to be a craft project failure in my book. I just hope that the kids had a little bit of fun.

final assembly of the puppets

Kimmy shows off her froggy puppet

Hai-Linh proudly displays her ballerina pig named Piglet

and she takes the opportunity to pose with baby Christina (the one kid who isn't so fond of me)

Since our craft project wasn't that successful, we left it alone and focused on girl time. Kimmy was our hair dresser (and later our make up artist) and made us girls look fabulous.

It was a tiring day, but it was also a good day. I miss playing with kids my age (you know.. the inner kid in me). It's nice to be able to relax and think about the simple things in life.. like how to put together Mr. Potato Head. Hehe.