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Sunday, July 19, 2009

About Thrift Store Finds

I love thrift stores, but I never knew how much I loved them until recently. After purchasing my amazing $25 vintage wedding gown at Goodwill earlier this year, I have been hooked on thrift store shopping. Every trip is liking searching for a hidden treasure, and it excites me like no other. I usually walk in with no intention of buying anything, and most of the times I leave empty handed. On a few rare occasions I will leave super satisfied with my dollar or two purchase (so far $3 has been my biggest purchase for a single item). Check out some of my recent finds...

xyron model 150 - $1.00
This baby will make a sticker out of anything you pass through it, and I am anxious to try it out on future wedding related projects like Mrs. Taffy

Total Price = $3

Delaware Circular Display Thingy - $1.00
Being a Delawarean my entire life, I was drawn to this right away (as I passed it a few times). The flowers are so pretty, and most of the cities are highlighted on the map of the state including my hometown of Newark.

Crochet Lace - $2.00
I had images of this baby in my craft room, and I had to buy it. I'm debating on whether or not I should pain the wood a different color. I think it might look nice against a light blue wall without painting the wood.

Euro Sealer - $1.00
This would have to be Hubby's find, and it is a neat little toy. It seals any package right up and seals in the freshness.

Combos and dried apricots nicely sealed using the Euro Sealer! This baby goes for $9.40 on Amazon, and that's without batteries. I think he got it for a steal.

Surprisingly prices at Goodwill do go down after two weeks or so on the shelf. Both the xyron and Delaware circular display thingy started at $2 and reduced to $1.. that's 50% off folks! We have also purchased a Sprint cell phone as back up, which FMIL now uses. It was just $10. There's also another treasure I bought a few weeks back, and I'll need to take pictures and post at a later time. It was originally $10 and went down all the way to $3. The workers were even shocked that it was so cheap.

Let me remind you guys of my best Goodwill purchase...

Beautiful Lace Vintage Wedding Dress - $24.99


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