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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

About Me {Part One}

Because this is a new blog, I feel like there is a need for introductions. It's also an excuse for me to use the awesome program known as Poladroid. Hehe.

This is my Mommy and Daddy on their wedding day in Hong Kong many years ago.

Mommy and Daddy had three daughters - Lynn, May, & Lee

Then they created little Yin in 1986. This is my passport picture. I think I was 1 at the time. I still have my original passport, but I never used it for travel abroad.

I was the "baby" of the family. There is a 9, 11, and 13 year age difference between my older sisters and I. Here I am saying goodbye to them on their first summer trip to Hong Kong.

I was a spoiled little kid. My parents took me to an amusement park!! Here I am with my Daddy and Uncle.

I have a special bond with my Dad. He was the one who ultimately spoiled me to death with presents. Oddly enough I didn't need them because I told him to return them. I guess I was happy with watching my Chinese dramas and PBS. My dad used to treat me to a chocolate bar every time we went to the grocery store. I later learned that I was allergic to chocolate. Boo.

My dad loved to take us on family trips together in the big conversion van. It comfortably seats 7 with the bench in the back that pools out into a bed! My dad bought it a year after I was born. This is the ultimate van.

One big family going to the Asian grocery store

We used to go to my parent's friends house all the time in the summer to enjoy their pool. This is a somewhat awkward photo of the family though...

Standing on the diving board seems kind of dangerous... maybe something happened to me as a kid and has scared me for life. I am afraid of water and cannot swim...

Fast forward a couple years, and my parents gave me the little sister I had been asking for. Although this photo is a tad out dated, it's one of our better sister photos. May was the first to get married in 2003, and I was sporting the "flip."

Stay tuned for the next edition.


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