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Friday, July 17, 2009

About Making Yummy Dumplings

I spent this morning making dumplings, and it surprisingly turned out well. Now I have a happy Hubby who will look forward to more batches of dumplings in the future. =)

Actually I didn't want to make dumplings at all. I wanted to take some ground pork out of the freezer to try an egg recipe, and it only called for a small portion of pork. I figured I could use the rest of the package for a small batch of dumplings since I have yet to try to make my own. Most likely I would have been lazy and made something else with the extra pork. Hubby decided to take out two packages of ground pork instead of just one, and now I was left with no other option than to take a stab at dumpling making.

I love my mommy's dumplings. They are the ultimate in dumplings, and I usually cannot stand the frozen stuff (or the restaurant stuff for that matter) because it does not even compare. They are simple, yet full of flavor. Ingredients consist of ground pork, shrimp, and scallions with soy sauce, salt, and pepper. Add in an egg to pull it all together, and that's about it. It is simple and so delicious.

Even though that sounds simple enough, I have seen people fail at their attempts to make my mommy's dumplings. My sister tried to make them once, and it lacked the flavor that is essential to the yumminess of the dumplings... probably not enough soy sauce. Then FMIL tried to make them, but she seasoned the meat totally different. She had seasoned prior to asking for my help, and I told her that scallions were essential. She used onions instead even though there were scallions in the fridge. Fish sauce was probably used instead of soy sauce, and the filling was not as spot on as I would have liked it.

This time with no one in the kitchen to disturb me, I took my chances and attempted to recreate my mom's master piece. I used a little assistance from one of my blogs to determine how much soy sauce I should add for 2 pounds of ground pork. Then I added just one more splash.. I love my dumplings extra salty (no need for soy sauce to dip). Straying away from my mom's simplistic ingredients, I did add a bit of rice wine and some ginger. I had it on hand, and I figured that it could only enhance the flavor. I chopped my scallions and cut up my shrimp into delightful little pieces. My hands did all the mixing, and they did all the filling and wrapping as well. I should have tested the meat and cooked a small bite sized ball of it to ensure that I had enough seasoning, but I took my chances and winged it. It took me well over an hour to get everything prepped, made, and boiled. The end result was so worth it. I successfully made awesome dumplings that I can proudly attach my mother's name to. =D

Next time I'll have Hubby in the kitchen to take lovely photos of the process. I miss the days when I posted pictures of my attempts to cook in the kitchen. While not all of them were a success, I loved to try out the newest recipes featured on my food blogs.

*pats myself on the back* Yay to my first attempt at making yummy dumplings!


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